Monday, February 01, 2016

Male on Monday - Book Boyfriends

Pink Heart Society columnist Barb Han is talking about all those delicious book boyfriends that you just can't get enough of!

Hi. My name is Barb. And I have multiple book boyfriends (isn’t acknowledging that you have a problem the first step toward recovery?).

Not only do I have them, but I’ve categorized them by how old I would be when we would date.

My inner twelve-year-old has a crush on Fitz from Keeper of the Lost Cities

He’s good-looking (of course!), talented (he’s an elf with special abilities that far exceed others’ talents), and can be a little intense at times (what can I say, you already know that I love a tortured hero).

His best friend, Keefe, isn’t so bad, either.  

He’s totally cute (a requirement!), almost always in trouble (who doesn’t like a little mischief?), and most of all, fun to be around (I like to have a good time!). 

Age me a few years to, say, seventeen-years-old and I’m definitely on Team Edward (swoon!). Sorry Team Jacob fans, I go for sex appeal over hot-headed and muscular (although, Jacob is pretty darn hot in more ways than one!). Edward has that brooding, misunderstood quality that makes my teen-angst heart flutter.

Fast forward a few years, let’s say late-twenties or early thirties, and my book boyfriend is…Kyle McKenzie from The Profiler series.  He works for the FBI as a Hostage Rescue Team agent. He’s strong, virile and badass. Plus, he’s smokin’ hot with the kind of body that makes me long to be rescued. As if I needed more, he’s dedicated to saving others even when it puts his life in danger. *passes out*

What about you? Do you have a book boyfriend? Or several? What qualities in a fantasy boyfriend(s) make you go weak in the knees?

Barb's latest book, Texas Takedown, is out now:

He’s facing trouble as big—and unpredictable—as the Texas terrain 

For security expert Dylan Jacobs, his little daughter is a light against the shadows of his past. But when the sexy ex-soldier locates missing Samantha Turner, the shadows return. Samantha is convinced their childhood nemesis—the Mason Ridge Abductor—is back. And that he’s hunting her. 

Amid a hail of gunfire, Dylan commits to keeping Samantha safe—then nearly crumbles when his own child disappears. So when the villain poses a vicious ultimatum—turn over the woman he loves or never see his beloved toddler again—Dylan knows what he has to do. Put plan B into action.

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  1. Thanks so much for including Mac as one of your book boyfriends, Barb! :)

    I think Sam from Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series, the men from your new Texas series, and Janie Crouch's Omega guys are also good options...

  2. I love Mac!!

    I totally agree about Janie's Omega guys, btw! So many potential little time. LOL