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Tuesday Talk-Time - Would Darcy Have Swiped Right?

Jennifer Rae is back at the Pink Heart Society, talking about Darcy and dating in the 21st Century...

I wonder how the greatest love story of all time would have played out today. Would Mr Darcy have swiped right? Would Elizabeth have snapchatted him nude selfies? Would Bingley have accidently liked a 72 week old photo as he stalked Jane’s insta account? Would Lydia have let rip on Facey about what an absolute dicking a-hole Wickham was when he dumped her?

For research purposes, I have recently been trying out some of these new-fangled ways of dating and meeting people myself. It’s been an interesting experience. Some days I find myself fearing for the future of the human race, while others I’m Steve Job’s biggest fan for creating a device that helps me meet the most interesting people I would probably never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. But mostly, I find myself getting wholly distracted by the idea of some of my biggest literary hero’s meeting via a dating app or social media.

Take Lizzie and Darcy. First of all, I’m not sure they’d even have made it to meetsville. I mean, number one: Darcy would have swiped freaking left. He wasn’t impressed when he first laid eyes on the sparky Lizzie. He didn’t give consequence to young ladies slighted by other men. Clearly, she’d been slighted as if she were to resort to Tinder.

So ok. Herein ends the book. Buts let’s just say, he revisited the pic, wasn’t happy with the texts he was receiving from the other young ladies he’d swiped right on and eventually my fav romance couple struck up a conversation. He’d considered her to have ‘fine eyes.’ He’d said something annoying that prompted a response, if only for her to tell him he was a knob joint and had no intentions of ‘dancing’ with him that night or any other.

I can’t imagine Lizzie would be short of admirers, I mean – there are a lot of men on Tinder. A lot. And they are enthusiastically searching for a lady. The only hope is the fact that most of these men are complete and utter weirdos (which, let’s face it – many of them are)so perhaps she’s weeded them out. Perhaps she’s bored with the usual conversation and her interest is sparked by the brutal flirting of Mr D. Unlikely. Fitz is not the greatest flirter and his compliments are a little light on, so it seems unlikely, but let’s hope.

The entire premise of Pride and Prejudice is the fact that Darcy’s pride and Lizzie’s prejudice almost prevent them from seeing that they are perfect together. However fate keeps throwing them together and making their lives intertwine in such a way that they are forced to reconsider each other. Forced to set aside their pride and prejudice and actually (in a very 19th century way) get to know each other.

I know this. I’m aware that you must dig deeper to see if coldness and abruptness masks a guarded personality. I’m aware that someone who seems to live a frivolous, silly life may actually be a genuinely amazing person whose friends and family just don’t always match them. 

But to be totally honest, I’m a brutal modern dating player. I reject more faces than I match with. I ignore men if they say something that annoys me. I totally stalk men on social media and if too many pretty young girls like their pics, I never message them back.

Am I allowing my own prejudice and pride to get in the way of meeting my own Mr Darcy? Do I need to give some of their poor fools with no better pick up line than ‘they are some fine ass eyes you got there lady’ another chance?

Jane Austen says yes. But she also says fate will conspire to help you meet your mate and will force you to see them for who they are.     

I have met some weirdos online. But I have honestly met some lovely men. Perhaps a little lonely, perhaps not quite sure what it is that they want, but genuinely interesting men. I’ve even remained friends with a couple – chatting every now and again. 

But I can’t help thinking that meeting in person is still the best way to recognise like souls. Meeting in person gives your heart a chance to see if that person is worth pursuing, even if they say the wrong thing sometimes, or make a wrong move. It’s not until you have a physical reminder of the way they made your heart jump or your brain buzz that makes you consider giving them a second chance. 

If Darcy had not met Eliza in person, up close and considered her fine eyes and felt that hit of attraction and recognised something in her that awakened him – the greatest love story of all time may be dying somewhere in the depths of Tinderville.

For me, the dating apps and some of my social media are gone for now. (Expect for my Instagram account – I’m a total Insta whore!) 

I prefer to meet the old fashioned way. At a ball, dancing card at the ready, waiting for my eyes to catch a handsome man across the room. At first well hate each other. Then his former best friend will have a fling with my sister and ruin her forever. But as time passes and we’re thrown together relentlessly, I’ll see his goodness inside. I’ll realise that his brutal honesty and his initial apprehension was due to the fact that he’s a man of great responsibility and a soul who needs true love. 

Then I’ll see him in a wet see-through shirt and fall in love and move into his mansion and we’ll have incredible sex and live HEA.

I mean, I know Jane left out the bit about the sex, but let’s face it – we all know that beautiful, cranky man would be 100% amazing in the sack.

How do you think great historical romance heroes and heroines would react to social media?  Join the discussion with Jennifer Rae in the comments! 

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