Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tuesday Talk Time: What makes a keeper?

I read a lot of books and that’s always been the case. Reading now is an activity that sits in this strange spot half-way between work and pleasure. I read plenty of romance (obvs!) but I also love a good YA, thriller/mystery, post-apocalyptic, fantasy and non-fiction book as well.

So what makes a book a keeper for me?

A story that keeps me guessing
This can be tough in the romance genre because we know the HEA is a guarantee (that’s why we read them, after all!) but I still love an element of something new. Whether it’s a plot twist I didn’t see coming, an unusual setting or a character with a quirky job or situation—I like to be surprised.

Romance recommendation: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon for sexy aliens, survival and fun sci-fi action.

Characters that I cheer for
For me, even when a book has an outstanding plot I still need to feel invested in the characters. That means heroes and/or heroines I can connect with and understand (even if I don’t always agree with their actions or motivations). This doesn’t mean that they have to be totally likable, either. A well-motivated character with an interesting personality needn’t always be nice.

Romance recommendation: Here Comes the Bridesmaid by Avril Tremayne for the quirky heroine, Sunshine Smart.

Where romances are concerned, I need to feel the connection between the heroes and/or heroines. Whether that connection is sexually or emotionally fueled, I wants to see some sparks fly!

Romance recommendation: Not Until You by Roni Loren for two characters that are hot enough to start a wildfire.

Real Problems
Even in the most far-out fantasy-driven stories, I still want to see characters with relatable problems. Whether that’s emotions that they don’t know how to handle, situations that thrust them out of their comfort zone or fears linked to their past, I need to understand and believe that any real person could face these same problems.

Romance recommendation: Driving her Crazy by Amy Andrews for a heroine with body-image issues and a gorgeously grumpy hero suffering with PTSD.

Bonus Points! These are my total catnip things, so while not necessary stories with these aspects they definitely draw my attention and tend to end up on my keeper shelf more easily than other books:
  • Anything with a ‘survival’ element to it – desert island, post-apocalyptic settings, stranded in a remote places…gimme gimme gimme!
  • Ballerina/dancer heroines…you’re shocked, right? ;)
  • Snappy dialogue and banter that sucks me into a scene. Add in a dash of humour and I’m a happy camper!
  • Zombies
  • Holiday stories
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  1. Stefanie, what a great post. My reading taste is just as eclectic and you really nailed some of the most important elements for me, too. Looking forward to checking out some of your recommendations - and your books as well.

  2. Thanks Carol! That's one of my favourite things about the reading community online, I love being able to share and talk about awesome books. Happy reading!

  3. I recommend:

    From Paradise to Pregnant by Kandy Shephed
    Falling For Mr. December by Kate Hardy

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