Monday, December 14, 2015

Male on Monday: The Hemsworth Boys and Hero Inspiration.

Heidi Rice talks about hero inspiration... And two Aussie brothers who seem to have captured her imagination recently... Oh my.

I'm always on the look-out for good hero inspiration. Just check out my Pinterest page. TBH though, most of that hero inspiration when it comes to appearance is after the fact. I think up my hero, give him a past, a personality, flaws - lots of flaws as I tend to like Bad Boy heroes - dreams and desires and fears and then I'll begin to think what does he look like? Does he have green eyes or blue? Is he blond? Brunette? Dark? Of Irish or Italian or Mexican descent? Tall or taller? Beefy or lean? Because when it comes to what I like to call the eye-candy chronicles, that's not really as important as who he is on the inside. Especially not to me as a writer, who is going to have to know him inside much more than outside if I'm going to finish my book....

Which brings me to Liam and Chris Hemsworth. Well, okay, yes... YUM! We all know these two have eye candy in spades. They're tall, chiselled, hopelessly handsome, sexy in a very rough and rugged and down-to-earth way. But what really makes them hero material? What sets them apart from other good-looking chiselled ruggedly handsome guys? What spiked my imagination enough to think yeah, he would make a great hero (that would be the him my imagination extrapolates from the evidence and not the real him - as I don't actually know Liam or Chris - luckily for them!!)

I give you two exhibits....

Exhibit A: Here's Chris on his recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

So what was so cute about that? Apart from the extreme gorgeousness of course of that athletic build at ease in a tailored jacket and pants? Well, what I loved about this appearance was how easy-going he was, how willing to let others take the lead on his story... The quiet confidence that said I don't have to be the centre of attention to command attention. (And the fact that he understood Glaswegian a lot better than the lovely Lily Tomlin)! And the jail story itself, when he finally got to deliver it, not that polished, but funny in a very self-deprecating way. He's so a guy you'd like to hang out with (and hang in with obviously). I give you Chris Hemsworth the perfect hero inspiration for my first proper Presents. He's so gonna be Dane Redmond, a millionaire sailboat designer who exudes confidence and command at every turn, is totally at ease with his body, with who he is, who is witty and smart and easy going on the surface to the point of not appearing to really give a damn about anything. But beneath that tough charismatic successful outer shell he shows to the world hides a bruised and battered heart that he has never acknowledged. Who bruised and battered his heart? My heroine of course. And so who is he least likely to want to show it too again...?

Now for Exhibit B: Chris' brother Liam in a trailer for a film I recently went to see and absolutely adored... Black comic, tragic in places, sumptuously designed and defiantly quirky. The Dressmaker.

Okay, so what caught my eye about Liam in this film... Apart from that naked chest to die for! Moving swiftly on. What I adored about Liam's performance in this film is that it is very much a supporting role. But he makes it so much more than that. In just a few scenes his character becomes the thing that defines why Kate Winslet's traumatised character deserves so much more than she has gotten from the rest of the townsfolk in the sleepy Outback town she has returned to under a cloud at the beginning of the movie. He's cute yes, with his relaxed laid back humour, his fit body and that, er-hm, chest (have I mentioned that already?) but he's also a rock when it comes to protecting her. And showing her what she's really worth. All her insecurities are incinerated in the firestorm of his faith in her. And he manages to hold his own in the eye candy stakes next to all those fabulous frocks. No mean feat, frankly. I'm also kind of tripping on the fact that Liam is a good 15 years younger than Kate and yet they still make a very sexy combination... I'm not sure which hero of mine he is yet. But he's definitely sparking ideas! Very hot ideas. So it's all good.

So there you have it, my two latest hero inspiration crushes... Have no idea what these guys are really like, but my imagination can take what they've shown the world and run with it in some very intriguing directions. So cheers, boys.

Heidi is currently trying to finish three books at once. A short story for Tule, a series romance for Harlequin Presents and a single title book for Mira... While also trying to do Christmas shopping for about 20 people. You can contact her on her website, her Facebook page or Twitter (@HeidiRomRice) where she is hanging out a little less frequently at the moment!

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