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A Little Something for the Weekend - Annoying Healthy Bitches

Jennifer Rae is back at the Pink Heart Society, talking about being an annoying healthy bitch...

You know those bitches. Those annoying healthy bitches. Those kale eating, sugar banning, CrossFit rxing, bread hating moles who make you feel bad about your wine swilling, pizza eating ways. We hate those bitches right? 

Well I have a dirty little secret I need to share. I’ve become one. 

It’s true. I’ve totally joined the hashtag fitspo bandwagon. 

But wait wait wait. Before you click away in disgust and have another donut, hear me out. I love donuts. And bread and pizza and all those other things the annoying healthy bitches tell you will send you straight to hell. 

And so do my three besties, who have joined with me to form a fitness group called the Barbelles. 
Kel loves food. Especially cheese. She also loves to bake. But she also likes to look hot in a slinky Kookai dress so she lifts weights and eats clean. She’s also training to be a dentist and is continually concerned with the lack of knowledge people have about their diets and how it affects their teeth and gums. 

Del is a 50 year old motivational maven. She’s been in the fitness industry for 30 years (and also happens to be the big sister of NSW Origin Coach and motivational guru Laurie Daley) and is constantly annoyed when women hate on their bodies. 

Mazzie is young and gorgeous and loves to eat. Errything. Especially gelato and cake. She’s also a personal trainer and believes life is too short to not eat the yummy food. 

And there’s me. A romance writer with a background in marketing who uses exercise and weightlifting to calm my mind and stop me from getting too wound up in the lives of my characters. 

We became annoying healthy bitches when we realised women were being bombarded with images and ideas of the ‘ideal’ body and the ‘ideal’ weight and the ‘ideal’ diet. Our philosophy is to eat the most natural food that keeps our bodies in balance. 

The food that gives us the energy to deal with the emotional drama of everyday life (and the lives of fictional characters) to help our brains work properly so we can study, to make our bodies strong enough to carry, bear and then care for children and the exercise and movement that makes us feel good, feel strong, feel healthy and yes…feel good about the way we look. 

We’ve created recipes that taste amazing while leaving out refined sugar and gluten. We run online training camps giving people information on nutrition and training. We encourage women to get healthy and strong but not to change who they are. 

What we try to do is give a positive healthy view of fitness void of multiple photos of our naked boobs and silly advise about quick fix drinks. 

We keep it real. Which keeps me real. 

Which in turn helps me write more real characters. 

Like Brooke, the heroine of my novel Who’s Calling the Shots who is an Annoying Healthy Bitch herself. Brooke has the usual hang-ups about her body and her abilities but it’s her desire to be part of the sisterhood and help the other women who are with her in the house where they are taping the reality show she’s appearing on that makes her realise she is stronger and smarter than she thought.

I recently turned 40 and I believe I’ve never looked or felt better. My creativity is being fed by my writing and my body is being fed by my healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t mean I live a perfect life. There are days when I bawl like a baby. But I know I’m doing all I can to make my life as happy as possible and if that makes me an annoying healthy bitch – I will hashtag own that shit. 

Are you an annoying healthy bitch, or do you do just about anything to keep yourself from hitting that treadmill?  Join the discussion with Jennifer Rae in the comments! 

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