Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Talk -- Fall Favourites

PHS Columnist  and Harlequin author Jenna Kernan discusses what she loves about fall.

Not all of you are lucky enough to live in the Northeast of America

 in the fall.  This time of year is absolutely beautiful, made more stunning by the knowledge that soon after the leaves fall so does the snow.  Now that time of year in the Northeast is an acquired taste.

This week the most of trees, except for the mighty oaks, have dropped their leaves.  So as the trees lose their golden mantles, I give you my five favorite fall things.

This is so much fun and just like strawberry picking you don't pay for the apples you carry home in your stomach.  Crisp fall days and crisp apples are the perfect combo.  Although there is nothing wrong with adding a cider donut and cold glass of cider (preferably hard) to that mix.
Yogurt to coffee, this season is full of pumpkin and pumpkin pie flavoring.  Some of these products actually include pumpkins and they are all limited supply.  Limited, of course to how many they think they can sell.
You can't compare the sight of fall leaves against a bright blue sky or the musty smell of earth or the unmistakable sound of your own feet rustling through the ankle-deep leaves.  As a bonus, you finally get to wear that fall jacket and those great boots as you stroll along a woodland path halting at the sound of ground squirrel gathering winter stores.  At this time of year they sound as big as Kodiak bears rustling through the drying leaves.
Candy season heralds the time when adults run out to buy candy to give away to children at Halloween.  And then there is the real candy.  The kind that we buy for ourselves that never actually hits the bowl  for the cute little masked marauders on the door step. 
You know what?  I love the actual pumpkin.  My new discovery is a type of pumpkin called Fairytale.  I believe it earned this name because the shape looks perfect for changing this version of squash into  a carriage.  It has a lovely muted color on the outside and bright orange flesh.  I think a fairytale pumpkin is the perfect choice for a romance writer but also perfect for soup.  It's lovely.

So that's my top five fall favorites.  Do you have a much -loved seasonal pick?

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