Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Talktime: Our World of Fiction

PHS Columnist and Kimani Romance author AlTonya Washington discusses her quest to create a fiction world as she finishes her long running series.

Presently, I’m completing the final chapter in my long-running Ramsey Tesano series. How long of a run? Try 10 years. The first title in the series A Lover’s Dream (BET Arabesque) released in January 2006. This story came about for a couple of reasons. Dream marked my first potentially connecting title. Until that time the majority of my books were standalones. I was still a relatively new author so naturally folks were quite curious about the kinds of stories I had (or intended to add) to my credit. One of the questions I was asked most was whether any of my titles were connecting stories. At the time I had no idea how popular connecting stories were. Throw in family drama-a family that was filled with devastatingly attractive men-and well… you had the makings of splendid reading time.

Enter reason two for the creation of A Lover’s Dream- I had just come off a rather stressful time creating my last hero. Stressful because my editor and I had some very different opinions about how…Alpha he should be…I guess that was the problem- we just always seemed to be butting heads about the guy (whom I loved by the way). Anyway when the time came for me to start crafting my next story, I decided to write a book about the PERFECT hero. I mean this was to be a quintessentially prince charming of a guy. A guy that would certainly not spark the kind of head butting I dealt with in the crafting of my last hero.

So…creating the perfect guy…not difficult right? I mean, after all he’s…perfect. That proved to be exactly the problem as well as the solution. My quest to create the perfect guy was actually a lesson learned. I realized that I can’t write those kinds of guys. He’s got to have an edge. Something that; as his character unfolds within the pages, gets you both curious and a touch uneasy. Let’s face it, we do enjoy reading about what makes those guys tick and what type of woman could give him pause.

Quest Ramsey was definitely that guy-quintessential perfection with a subtle edge. This…demeanor wasn’t anything intended, it just perfectly complimented that unfathomable edginess-like a very compelling dance. Now, it’s almost ten years later and A Lover’s Return; the 20th book in the Ramsey Tesano series, is set to release in January. The heroes have changed- Hilliam Tesano is soooo not a perfect guy but he; like the Ramsey Tesano heroes before him, wields that same surge of quintessential perfection.

If there’s any question that comes out of this blog today it would be why is the flawed character always such an attraction? We often go out of our way to avoid these characters in reality, only to seek them fervently in our reading escapes. Could it be that the allure of the quintessential perfect guy with the subtle edge can only be alluring in our world of fiction?

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