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Male on Monday: Tom Bateman

PHS editor and Harlequin Historical Michelle Styles  looks at the latest British heartthrob with smoldering eyes and killer cheekbones -- Tom Bateman

The British press has recently been full of stories about ITV's scheduling of Jekyll and Hyde at too early of a time slot. It is quite a dark tv series with mature themes about monsters and the nature of goodness. But it is also immensely watchable and hghly addictive. I suspect it will be one that people will enjoy as a box set as when you finish one episode, you do want to go on to the next.

Tom Bateman plays both Robert Jekyll and Hyde, his violent alter ego. This is a re-imagining of the Robert Stevenson story and is set in the 1930's. Bateman plays the grandson of the original Dr Jekyll. His Hyde is a being with supernatural powers, a demon whom he is struggling to control. Add secret organisations into the mix and the result is watchable (as long as you are old enough -- not for the under 10's)

It is an enthralling series and a large part of that is down to the skill of Bateman. He plays both Jekyll and Hyde. It is interesting to watch the transformation from the uptight, mild mannered Jekyll to the no holds or morals barred Hyde. he liked playing Hyde best as it is as very physical, no holds   barred part. Jekyll is harder because the stakes are higher. Jekyll understand the implications of the actions where Hyde either doesn't or doesn't care.

Apparently listening to music helps him to get into a part. This I can understand as I find certain songs/artists help when I am writing different time periods.
Bateman is 26 and English. He is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and dramatic Art (LAMDA) He won the prestigous Leverhulme Scholarship while he was there.
He has acted both on stage (curent appearing in the Winter Tale's directed by Kenneth Branagh) and in film and tv parts. He was in The Tunnel as the sleazy tabloid journalist. He was also in DaVinci's Demons as Guilian Medici.
He is on twitter as @tom_bateman. His private life is kept private which means he (and the public) can concentrate on his acting ability.
He is someone I suspect who will have a long acting career in front of him.
This is his interview on Jekyll and Hyde as I find it best when I actually hear an actor's voice.

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