Thursday, November 26, 2015

Friday Fun -- New Words

Today Pink Heart Society editor Jeannie Watt talks about words that have recently obtained official status by being added to Oxford Dictionaries reference site.

Here at the Pink Heart Society, we love the magic of words, the way meanings evolve and new words are coined to fill empty niches in the language world. My favorite new word is hangry, which was recently added to Oxford Dictionaries. Hangry is the perfectly description of a cranky hungry person. Have you ever been hangry? I have and now instead of saying, “I’m feeling irritable because I haven’t had time to eat,” I can simply say, “I’m hangry.” In a perfect world, someone would then hand me a sandwich.

Other words that have recently been added to are:
Butt dial

The meaning of awesomesauce is obvious, and butt dial is pretty easy to figure out, but manspreading was new to me. According to, manspreading is when a man on public transportation sits with his legs spread wide, thus encroaching on adjacent seating. Manspreading itself is annoying, but saying manspreading is pretty entertaining. And who doesn't love the word mansplaining, which was added to the dictionaries last year? If you've ever been mansplained, you fully appreciate the beauty of the word.

Here are a few more words that were added to the Oxford Dictionaries in recent years--brain fart, amazeballs, time suck, beer o'clock and snackable.

Do you have a new word or phrase that you find particularly entertaining?

She’s not running anymore… 

After a decade away, Jacie Rose has returned with her daughter to Cherry Lake to renovate a historic hotel…and to lay some ghosts to rest. She knows she’ll have to confront mistakes she made in the past, but she didn’t expect to be living right next door to the guy she once asked to be her husband. 

When Brett Jackson was approached ten years ago by Jacie Rose with the wild scheme of marrying her to help her out of a jam, his white knight instincts kicked in and he agreed to be her emergency groom. The only problem was that the bride didn’t show up for the wedding. How’s he supposed to get used to seeing the woman he’s never forgotten every day now that she’s his neighbor? 

Determined to provide the secure home life for her daughter that she never had, Jacie is not about to bring a man into her life—even one that she sometimes thinks should have been there all along. But Brett and Jacie soon discover the spark between them is even stronger than before… Now that their paths have crossed again, will they lead them back to the wedding that almost was? 

Jeannie Watt lives in rural Nevada and writes fast-paced, character driven stories set in the western United States.   To find out more about Jeannie and her books, please visit her website, her Facebook page or her retro sewing blog.

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