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Friday Fun and Wedding Dresses

Friday Fun and Wedding Dresses…. from Joss Wood
I’m a romance writer—obviously—and there’s always a happy ending in my books, sometimes with a proposal, sometimes not. Some of my make believe but oh-so-real characters couples are ready to take that leap, some really aren’t…
But the romantic in me likes to believe that there will be a wedding or a commitment ceremony in all of their futures.
My daughter and I love to watch Say Yes to The Dress and we um and aah over the fantastic wedding dresses. And I sometimes sit there and imagine my heroines walking into Kleinfeld’s and I wonder what they would choose. And I wonder what I would choose if I were twenty nine, gorgeous and was marrying my man again.

This is me on my wedding day, I still love the dress.  I would love it better if I could get into it. (And, my goodness, that ribbon was awful!)

That was almost twenty two years ago and I was a baby (24) …excuse ,e a sec while I lie down and take a pill!  

Moving on to my heroines, I thought I would take the heroine’s in latest books and show you the dresses I imagine them wearing on their wedding day.

McKenna Dixon from Claimed by the Warrior is a designer of bridal gowns so she’d be way picky! She’s stylish but natural and sexy but not too over the top. And Jed’s a very special guy so it would have to be a special, unusual dress. So this is my choice for McKenna. Isn’t it divine? This dress is by Anna Campbell. 


Daisy, McKenna’s daughter, nearly stole the show in the book and it would be natural for her to steal the show on Jed and McKenna’s wedding day. This is what I’d imagine she’d wear, although Daisy might have her own ideas. She might rock up in a bikini and a purple feather boa.

 Jaci Brookes-Lyon from Taking the Boss to bed is an English rose who falls in love with a Hollywood movie producer so her dress would be glamorous but romantic.

I love, love, love this dress.

This is a Hayley Paige dress.


And finally, Remy from One Night Two Consequences. She’s super smart but surprisingly down-to-earth. This dress is romantic, elegant and classy and a lot like Remy herself.
This is another Hayley Paige dress.
My daughter is nearly thirteen and I hope that she allows me to be there when she’s choosing her dress. I hope that’s only in twenty five plus years time and I hope she marries/commits to her own hero only after she’s travelled the world, had a career and found her feet. And I hope she marries the guy who can’t imagine his life without her in it.
Yeah, that’s my wish for her.
With love


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