Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Talk-Time - The Spooky Season

New Pink Heart Society columnist, Jill Kemerer, is talking about October, the heebie-jeebies, and Halloween!

I'm really wimpy. I get scared easily. VERY easily! The other day I saw two huge spiders outside and just knowing they live on our property gave me the heebie-jeebies. My hunky husband came to the rescue and sprayed for spiders. I'm now able to function again.

A part of me loves being scared in October. Mind you, my idea of scary and yours might be miles apart. I find the show Naked and Afraid frightening. The other night a tarantula almost crawled on a sleeping woman, and don't get me started on all the snakes and bugs those people encounter. Nooo!

Photo courtesy of Morguefile
On a whim the other day, I began watching reruns of the cancelled television series, 666 Park Avenue. It was delightful in a creepy way. The show focuses on privileged people living in a haunted building--The Drake--in Manhattan. Residents are manipulated and hunted down by evil forces in the property. This show is perfect to get you in the mood for Halloween. I'm surprised it was cancelled. I really enjoyed it.

Another fun show to enjoy the season? Halloween Wars on Food Network. I love watching teams compete to make edible Halloween scenes. The skills they display astonish me. I'm handy with a Betty Crocker mix, but that's about as far as I can go in terms of desserts.

The obvious way to get in the spirit of Halloween? Horror movies. I don't particularly enjoy them, but if there's popcorn involved, I'll cover my eyes and try to keep my heart from racing uncontrollably. Throw candy in, and I might sit through the whole thing.

Honestly, my favorite way to enjoy the spooky season is with a romantic suspense novel. What's better than two people falling in love? Two people in danger falling in love! At least during October... :)

How do you enjoy October? Do share your stories with Jill in the comments!

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He doesn't understand what went wrong between them or why she kept their daughter a secret. And he's afraid of falling in love all over again. Yet he feels a glimmer of hope that somehow he can convince Macy and Stephanie to stay in Lake Endwell—and with him—for keeps.

Jill Kemerer writes inspirational romance novels with love, humor and faith. A full time writer and homemaker, she relies on coffee and chocolate to keep up with her kids’ busy schedules.  She loves connecting with readers, so please visit her website and find her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Lovely blog Jill. I'm easily frightened too. Finding my cat in the sink the other day, terrified me LOL

    1. Too funny!! I would have jumped back ten feet! :) BTW, I love kitties!