Thursday, October 22, 2015

Time-Out Thursday: Suits Me, Sir!

Heidi Rice talks about her latest obsession for your viewing pleasure - just in case you haven't heard of the absolutely fabulousness that is Suits

As I'm sure you already know I'm a girl who likes to binge-watch. And recently, while on a cruise up the Thames no less, my high-flying solicitor sister and I were talking great legal dramas. I opened with The Good Wife, which my husband and I had gorged ourselves on at the end of the last year. And that's when she told me to check out Suits... I think her exact words were something along the lines of 'If you don't fall in love with Harvey Specter you're not my sister' - because me and her have always had very similar tastes in our romance novel heroes, smart, super sexy alpha guys with FLAWS... I write that in shouty capitals for a very good reason.

Because that is the wonderful thing not just about hot-shot New York attorney Harvey Specter - aka the best closer in the business - but also all the other characters in Suits. They do great flaws.

Harvey's best flaws are basically that he's too clever for his own good, he is SOOO not in touch with his feelings, he's an extremely arrogant son of a, um, gun and he has the perfect comeback for any occasion, or so he thinks. Oh and not exactly a flaw but still worth mentioning is that he has a voice  that will melt your panties and he looks absolutely mouth-watering in a three-piece suit.

But it's not just Harvey (as played by the gorgeous Gabriel Macht) that makes Suits such a delicious show - it's all the other characters: Harvey's ball-busting boss Jessica, Harvey's madly bitter rival at the firm Louis Lit, Harvey's super-smart protégé Mike (whose dark secret is the driving force behind the show), Mike's wonderfully engaging girlfriend and hot-shot paralegal Rachel, Harvey's sometime girlfriend Scotty... But best of all is Harvey's secretary Donna.. Because Donna is the ying to Harvey's yang. The simmering sexual tension between them is off the charts and constantly being cranked up by all their smart-ass dialogue, but what is also clear is that these two have each other's backs, that deep down they love each other, and because of that their complex, complicated relationship is the backbone of the whole show.

So let me give you just a little introductory soupcon of the fabulousness that is Harvey and Donna in Suits. But be warned, this show is addictive, and if you're anything like me, your Time-Out Thursday might end up becoming your Time-Out October.

First there's this...

And then there's this...

Oh and then there's this...

Hooked yet? Good! My work is done.

Heidi is currently writing... And salivating over Suits. Check out her website if you want to know more.


  1. I still haven't got around to watching this series. But it's on my list :)

  2. I still haven't got around to watching this series. But it's on my list :)