Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Fun: The Who is Your Weekend Celebrity Boyfriend Quiz

Which sexy celebrity should you spend this weekend with?  For today's Friday Fun, PHS regular Barbara Wallace has developed a highly unscientific quiz to help you decide.  

1. It's Friday night after a long week of writing. You want to:
a. Kick back with a glass of wine and watch cheesy Lifetime movies
b. Sleep
c. Go out for a nice dinner and maybe some fun afterwards
d. Doesn't matter what I want to do; I'm on deadline

2. A sunny Saturday in October is the perfect time to:
a. Watch college football
b. Decorate for Halloween
c. Go apple picking
d. I have no life; I'm on deadline

3. Your idea of a perfect Saturday night date is:
a. A romantic night under the stars 
b. Whatever my sweetie suggests
c. Snuggling and intimate conversation
d. A plate of take-out and close the door, because I'm on deadline

4. Your favorite weekend outfit is:
a. Jeans and hiking boots
b. Yoga pants and a comfy sweater
c. My favorite sports team shirt
d. I haven't showered or changed clothes since Thursday. I'm on deadline.

5. Your favorite fall weekend meal is:
a. Pizza, chilli and beer
b. Roast chicken with all the fixings 
c Anything that I don't have to cook
d. Coffee and snack size candy bars. (Say it with me, people) I'm on deadline.

6. Your man has left you a surprise gift on the front seat of your car. It's:
a. A bracelet that he made himself
b. A love note with instructions for a "sexy" surprise weekend
c. A single red rose
d. Gone bad since I haven't let the computer  for anything but coffee & candy bars (Deadline people!)

7. My idea of super sexy is:
a. A set of rock hard abs (not to mention all the other muscles)
b. Handy and helpful around the house
c. Smart and suave
d. Being left alone so I can get this book finished by my deadline.

8. Pick a wine:
a. Red
b. White
c. Champagne
d. Anything I can get my hands on. (Hello, deadline here!)

9. Pick a Halloween candy:
a. Kit Kat
b. Snickers
c. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
d. Don't care so long as it is chocolate. Deadline!

10. I prefer to read:
a. Western romance
b. Anything goes - sweet or spicy, so long as its got an HEA
c. Classic romance
d. When will you people get the hint? I have no life; I'm on deadline!

Tally your answers. 

If you selected mostly A’s, click here
If you selected mostly B’s, click here
If you selected mostly C’s, click here
If you selected mostly D’s, click here


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  1. Good Fun .I got Scott Eastwood.

  2. Oooh I love him - not as much as I love his Dad, but I do love him. glad you liked this.

  3. I got Scott Eastwood - and I am not complaining.