Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wild Writer Weekends-or Not - Geri Krotow

The Pink Heart Society's delighted to be welcoming Geri Krotow as she talks about how she found her hobby-niche...

Okay, this title might be a little tongue-in-cheek. My weekends are tame if you compare them to skydiving, hang gliding, or even going to the movies. Because I work at the computer so much of the week and am constantly digging into my creative well to come up with characters, conflict and great sex, I find that by Saturday I’m ready to recuperate with my knitting. Yes, that centuries-old task of taking two needles and just about any kind of fiber and creating something with them.

I didn’t always knit. I used to do a plethora of crafts from paper molding to Styrofoam beaded Christmas ornaments. One year I sewed velour-ish bathrobes for the men in my family. I’ve never seen any of them wear them. Or hanging in their closets. Need I say more?

Much to my relief (and that of my relatives) I found my craft/hobby nirvana with knitting when, in 2001, I needed something to do at night while my tykes slept and my husband was deployed. Within a year I’d donated most of my craft supplies and within a few more I gave away my rubber stamp collection (over 1500 stamps—how many greeting cards can a gal use, really?). 

Knitting and I got each other through countless rejections before my first sale in 2006, a dry period between books #2 and #3, and a horrible time when I couldn’t sell any idea. As I knitted socks in my in-laws beach camper one summer I got a call from my editor suggesting I come up with a military romance series (something I tried to sell years earlier, but I digress). That was the start of the Whidbey Island Series, of which Navy Justice is book #5. My second series, Silver Valley PD, launches in November and came about as I sat in my local yarn shop and listened to different stories from each knitter. I knew I wanted to write about where our former Navy family settled after 27 years of moves. I love Pennsylvania, and I love romantic suspense, so within a short time and perhaps two sweaters, I had a new series.

Each day after I’ve met my word count I relish sitting down with my new project and binge-watching, um, I mean viewing a new favorite series. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Outlander, Modern Family, Blackish, The Office, Glee…I can tell you exact projects for many of these and even break it down by episode. 

Is my knitting great? Nope. But it helps work out the plot kinks, and the body aches that sitting or standing for so long, as I’m lost in my story world, bring about. Do I knit for others? Mostly not. Most folks don’t appreciate the long hours and quality of fiber I put into a project, and I don’t enjoy the ‘pressure’ of having to make something for someone else—it takes away the joy of creating. 

I often hear the clink of glasses or cutlery as my neighbors enjoy a party on their deck or patio during warmer months. Our garden is quiet, except for the click of my needles. Since I write romantic suspense and relish putting a villain on the page, it’s probably a very good thing that I do my research in such a contemplative manner. Although knitting needles can be dangerous…and what could be more romantic than a hunky hero taking yarn and needles out of the heroine’s hands as he embraces her in the moonlight?

If you’re a knitter, too, you can find me on Ravelry as GeriK (Ravelry is like Facebook for fiber freaks like me!).

What is it that you do to keep you going, and to keep you writing mind on track?  Join Geri in a discussion in the comments!

Geri Krotow's latest novel, Navy Justice, is the 2000th Harlequin Superromance novel: 

A quiet, civilian life on Whidbey Island sounded great to Navy lawyer Joy Alexander. But when Navy SEAL-turned-FBI agent Brad Iverson shows up on her doorstep bruised and bleeding, she realizes it’s not so easy to leave the past behind. Even harder to forget are the feelings she once had for Brad.

Brad’s on an undercover operation, one that’s targeting potential terrorists…and unintentionally bringing danger to Joy. They’ll have to work together again, except this time it’s not only justice they’re after–it’s survival. If they make it that far, they won’t waste a second chance at love.

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  1. I don't write, except for reviews, but reading is my escape. I used to knit a lot - sweaters, from infant to adult, afghans, baby booties, hats, etc - until my MS made it impossible to hold the needles anymore. The family got inundated with handmade things until I found another outlet. I used to make things for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, then switched to the Ships Project. That group has been making handmade slippers, socks and hats for deployed service members since October 2001. They've sent more than half a million items since then. If you want someplace to send things where they are really appreciated, check out .

    I noticed that you are also an Outlander fan. Just the show, or have you read the books too? I've been reading them since they first came out, and love what they have done with the series. I've had a lot of fun following it on the various facebook pages. I can't wait to see what they do with season 2!

    1. Hi Susan! Your honesty makes me grateful that I can knit, no matter how poorly at times. You are such a creative person. I love the link and will check it out. Yes, I read the first Outlander book when it came out, but not the entire series. I have so enjoyed the television production, and my daughter is now a young adult so we watch it together when she's home. Can't wait for next season! Thanks for stopping by today!