Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Talk-Time - When the Routine Changes

This month, Pink Heart Society columnist Donna Alward chats about how sometimes change is good...but maybe not too much change.

I'm a creature of habit. Summer time is blissful and lovely and torture. My cherished routine ceases to exist. Instead of having the day to myself to work etc., everyone is home. Everyone. My husband teaches college so he's off during the summer. My kids are teens and both work, but hardly ever do their shifts happen at the same time. There is so much to do, too - with our garden and yard, running errands, kids going to camp, me going to the RWA conference... at some point I feel like I need to just stop fighting it.

And then sometimes, when I get my routine back, I sit down at my computer and stare at the screen and...that's it. I stare.

Normally my day goes like this: get the house cleared out by 9 a.m. Grab a coffee and sit down at my desk. Give a check of e-mail and then, well, work. Take some breaks to throw in a load of laundry, or supper in the crock pot, or whatever. Work until about 3. Do some housework. People begin arriving home. Fiddle with e-mail or admin if needed.

It sounds perfect, so why doesn't it always work??? It did before!

So...I've made some small changes.

On Mondays, I drop kids at school and then meet up with a chaptermate for a "write in". The setting is rather utilitarian, but we get a lot done. And we chat a little (but only a little).  Sometimes the 2 hours I spend writing with her is the best writing of my week.

I've started writing on the fly, and OUT of the house.

I confess I'd love to get a laptop. I have an old netbook that is slow and cracked but gets me by. This year I'm spending more and more time away with kids and, as parents end up doing, sitting and waiting. Taking work with me - even if I only get a thousand words - keeps me from panicking. I'll confess one of my favorites is sitting in the university arts theatre during marathon rehearsals and clicking away.

I used to be more productive in the morning. Now sometimes I find I'm better in the afternoon. I...wait for it...roll with it.

But I don't do well with too much change. I still dig my regular routine, with some added flexibility. And if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that everyone works differently and there's no one way to do things. The only constant is that we have to put our butts in the chairs. When we do that, and where, is whatever works best.

And I'm still thinking a laptop would be nice for Christmas. :)

How do you react to change?  Join the discussion with Donna in the comments!

Donna's next release is Christmas at Evergreen Inn, a Jewell Cove novella, releasing on October 13:

Welcome back to Jewell Cove, where this holiday season, there happens to be no room at the inn…

When a December Nor’easter roars up the eastern seaboard, Jewell Cove cop Todd Ricker spends his day off being a Good Samaritan to stranded holiday travelers. But when the roads close and Todd can’t make his way home, he discovers that the Evergreen Inn is full. Until another Good Samaritan offers him a place to stay…

Lainey Price is not looking forward to Christmas, but just because she’s not filled with the holiday spirit doesn’t mean she’s going to turn Todd out into the stormy night. Even if it means offering the handsome police officer the couch in her tiny cottage. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the two are snowed in for a wintry evening by the fire. With Christmas only a few days away, can Todd convince Lainey to open her heart to the season…and love?

You can find out more about Donna Alward on her website: www.donnaalward.com.

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  1. Change? Since there's no such thing as a routine around here, I have to be okay with it.

    Fingers crossed you get that laptop, Donna!