Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Fun: Geeking on DIY Dudes by Melinda Curtis

We're delighted to welcome new Pink Heart Society columnist, Melinda Curtis, as she talks about her love for a DIY boyfriend...

Because of my writing schedule, I don't allow myself to watch much television. But when I do, it seems as if I'm watching some DIY show. Now, there are some cuties out there in DIY land, but the shows I've been gravitating toward seem to have guys who aren't afraid to get a little geeky.

My latest DIY boyfriend is Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper. Unlike some DIY hosts who shall remain nameless, but who you barely see doing the work. Chip can be seen sweating alongside his crew.

He also has no shame. He'll lift up his shirt and show his beer belly. He'll eat a cockroach. He'll fall backward into a muddy river. And he has imperfect teeth. And the entire time you watch, you get the feeling that he's a big doofus in real life. That's my kind of guy!

I've always been a fan of Jason Cameron.

He has a couple of shows, but he has a clear competitive streak that appeals to me (plus he's not afraid to make fun of himself as shown here - are you sensing a theme?). This guy will challenge a woman to demolish an outdoor fireplace with a sledgehammer. He's there to do a job, but he's not going to let the homeowner sit back and have a latte. I have never been so stressed out watching a DIY show as I am when I watch Sledgehammer. The homeowners have 30 minutes to demolish a room. If they don't take out everything he wants them to, he won't touch it. Although it seems logical that no one will fail, because what would they do for the rest of the show? Doesn't matter. I'm as tense as when I watch a horror movie.

When I watch the opening to Flipping Vegas, I'm not sure if Scott Yancey is slimey or just uncomfortable in front of the camera. He doesn't do much actual DIY. Mostly he whines about making money. It's his marriage that makes me watch. His wife Amy seems like a princess who might have a breakdown at any time - who wouldn't after dealing with Scott and his cheap budget? Her designs are awesome (except when she put a rock path in a living room). I never know what the place is going to look like when she's done with it.

And finally, I have a hit or miss relationship with the Scott Twins. They have more shows than hair products. I like their competitive spirit and sense of humor. I'm not so thrilled that they always look ready to walk a runway more than get some DIY done. I was neutral on them until I saw them create a family home for their family in Las Vegas. Their family is funny and they have weird personal tastes. I can get into quirky. I guess you can tell I value a good sense of humor in a man.

So, do you geek out over DIY shows? And if so, who's your favourite presenter?  Join the debate in the comments!

Melinda Curtis is an award-winning, USA Today bestseller who writes both sweet and traditional romances, both independently and for Harlequin. 

Her latest releases are sweet romantic holiday comedies - three different novellas in three different 99c anthologies! One set with Harlequin Heartwarming authors are all connected stories. One set has heroes and heroines who all own pets (mine features a talking dog).

Find out more about Mel at her website, on Facebook and Twitter or on Pinterest!


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  2. I don't watch much DIY, but if I do, it's the Scott twins. They are so cute!

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  4. I love Chip Gaines, too. I also like to watch Flip or Flop with Tarek El Moussa.

  5. I love the house flippers and renovators. Those shows are so addicting!

  6. We watch Flipping Vegas sometimes and I agree with you! Such a fun post - and those shows are addictive!

  7. Thanks for a really fun post, Melinda! I needed the smile!

  8. I agree on Flipping Vegas. I had to quit watching. But how can you be unenthused by the Scott twins? The looks, the fun personalities, the looks...oh, did I say that already? Great blog post to get us thinking geeks.

  9. The only DIY guy I hang out with is my hubby. He's the one who is hooked on the DIY shows (and DIY videos on You-Tube). There are some really good ones on cable. He's also learned a lot over the years about remodeling by living in a neighborhood filled with construction men. Both of our closest neighbors are carpenters and they have taught us so much as they helped us work on our house. There is something about a guy who can do most anything with his hands that is really appealing, whether it be cars, computers or construction.

  10. Love the Scott twins! I also like the Love it or List it Hillary.

  11. My favorite DIY guy was my husband. He could do any project with professional-quality results. Plus he rocked the shirtless look with cut off jeans and work boots. Definitely swoon-worthy!