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Writer's Workspace - AlTonya Washington

We're delighted to welcome AlTonya Washington to the Pink Heart Society, as she talks about where she writes...

When speaking in terms of a writer’s workspace, most writers would agree that a workspace can be just about anywhere! 

I’ve worked on rough drafts, final drafts, copy edits...from such pristine spaces as city buses, bus stations, college cafes, in the car at the football field during my son’s practices-and yes I’ve even had the chance to do actual writing work in library’s and my own home office. 

The point is that a writer has to be crafty and flexible when it comes to selecting his or her workspace. For me, I can easily lose myself in work at a bus station, football field or my car and write for hours. 

Being flexible also has its place during the research process. I enjoy introducing my readers to an array of characters and diverse plots as well as settings that are definitely off the beaten path. The trouble with that is I rarely have the chance to add an actual visit to my research and use aspects of those personal accounts in the storylines of my work.

That changed somewhat this past June with a trip to California. I’m extremely fortunate in that books encompass a great deal of my life. 

In addition to being an author, I’ve worked in the library field for over ten years. I’ve worked as a reference librarian for the past three years and this year had the chance to attend the annual ALA (American Library Association) Conference. This year’s gathering took place in San Francisco. Besides, wanting to make the city my home at one time, San Francisco is the setting for my latest book release under Harlequin’s Kimani Romance imprint.  

Treasure My Heart is the follow-up to my March release Embrace My Heart

The setting is San Francisco with California Wine Country as the backdrop. 

In addition to his responsibilities as a well-known property developer, my hero Oliver Bauer run his family’s renowned vineyard with his sister Vectra. Our heroine Minka Gerald is executive assistant for a well-known finance broker and the love of Vectra’s life Qasim Wilder. In ‘Treasure’, an extraordinary project will require the combined efforts of several businesses Oliver’s and Minka’s among them. Oliver; already thoroughly intrigued by Minka, intends to devote quite a bit of their business time to pleasure. He’ll be rather unsettled to discover that pleasure is but one of the things he’ll want from Minka. Moreover, he’ll be rather irked by the fact that pleasure is all Minka expects.

While Treasure was completed before my San Francisco trip, having the opportunity to visit the town was beyond amazing. Locales that I’d only had the chance to view through my computer monitor or TV screen were suddenly live and in living color. Visiting Fisherman’s Wharf and taking my first Cable Car ride allowed me to revisit my research in a most spectacular way. Next time, the travel box will be checked before the manuscript is completed.

Do you take research trips, or do you have to do all your setting research online?  Join the discussion with AlTonya in the comments!

AlTonya's San Fran-inspired book, Treasure My Heart, is available now: 

The man every woman wants…wants her 

There are flings, and then there's real life. Minka Gerald, assistant to one of the country's top financiers, is too smart to confuse the two. But a business trip to Miami is the perfect place for a workaholic to let loose, and Oliver—brother to her boss's fiancĂ©e—is the ideal partner-in-pleasure. And with his heartbreaker reputation, that's as much as she expects. 

A ladies' man doesn't become a one-woman guy overnight. But once property developer Oliver Bauer has a taste of real connection, he wants more. Outwardly reserved but full of fire, Minka could hold his heart forever. Can he make her believe in him, before an old enemy's quest for revenge puts her safety and their sizzling new love in jeopardy?

For more information about AlTonya Washington and her books, check out her website and her blog, and say hello to her on Facebook, and Twitter.

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