Sunday, August 02, 2015

Weekend Wildcard - So Many Hot Guys, So Little Time

We're delighted to welcome Jennifer Snow to the Pink Heart Society as she talks about researching hot guys, and explaining it to her five year old!

Quite often I hear ‘Mom’s looking at pictures of naked men again’. Which of course I then need to defend to my five year old son that 1) they are not naked, they are shirtless (BIG difference) and 2) it’s research. 

Whenever I start a new series, I like to spend time daydreaming and thinking about what my characters look like. Not only their physical descriptions, but their facial expressions when they are angry, sad, happy, flirty, etc…And then I go on the hunt for inspiration pictures that capture the various looks of each individual character. 

Is it my fault that searching for images of hot men is more fun than searching for pictures of pretty heroines? Therefore my planning series board usually consists of about thirty different hot guy pics and only several tiny pics of my heroine lol. 

But while it is fun, it’s also a lot tougher than one would think. Besides the hours of time it consumes, it can be overwhelming. So Many Hot Guys, So Little Time… And trying to find just the right image can be challenging. Especially when it comes to finding images for promo or book trailers. Often the images I find are almost right…but not quite-wrong hair color or eye color or a missing dimple from a cheek or chin…Finding the perfect image can be a challenge. 

Luckily, I found the solution - Tom Hardy. He is essentially perfect as an inspiration pic for just about any hero. And because he has played such diverse roles and therefore has many different looks to his credit-from Bane-big badass from Batman to MMA fighter to crazy madman to slightly insane but completely drool-worthy bartender-you are sure to find any of the desired looks for your hero with two simple search words- Tom. Hardy.

Writing a book is hard. And we sometimes just need to take a few hours…or days before starting a new book to find those inspiration pics that will help get us through the dreaded saggy middle section. And if that means staring at countless pictures of ‘naked’ men-I say ‘Have Fun’! 

Just maybe do it after your five year old goes to bed so that he doesn’t tell his daycare teacher;)

How do you conduct your hero research?  And what is it that you tell inquisitive children about all those pics of good-looking guys? 

Jen's latest book, Fighting for Keeps, is out now:

He's kryptonite. And she needs all her strength… 

Noah Parks is the ridiculously gorgeous, motorcycle-riding, cage-match-fighting equivalent of kryptonite for Lindsay Harper. And she's going to need every last ounce of her strength now that she's the legal guardian of her brother's five orphaned children. 

For the sake of her new family, it's time to give up her carefree single ways. Stop being the cool aunt and become a parent. And fight this crazy attraction to Noah. Sure, there's a side of him she can't help falling for…the one who volunteers as a firefighter and helps at-risk youth. The irresistibly kind and caring side. But she is a nurse, after all. She can't love an MMA fighter, a man she regularly has to scan for physical trauma… Can she?

To find out more about Jennifer Snow and her books, check out her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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