Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Talk Time: Summer Round-up

Summer is coming to a close here on The Pink Heart Society, so columnist Jenna Bayley-Burke is here to find out just what did you do this summer?

We got a jumpstart on our summer this year. As soon as the kids were out of school we headed to Sunriver, the high desert playground of Oregon. We explored an ice cave, hiked through a lava cast forest, climbed a mountain, and I got to put the kids in funny poses for pictures. Because you know if it didn’t get posted on Facebook, it didn’t really happen.

For us the summer is all about being in the outdoors. My boys kayaked the Hood Canal, went on cycling adventures, hiked Saddle Mountain, went to the coast, and are currently at my parents cabin at Crater Lake. While at Big Obsidian Flow we even saw a rainbow cloud! Soon enough, the rain Oregon is known for will show up. We have to spend the summer enjoying the sunshine before it turns liquid.

I had a couple adventures of my own, thanks to writer and reader conferences. In May, I was in Dallas for the Romantic Times Conference. I got to meet lots of readers, and got a lesson in Uber. And in July, New York City, for the RWA National Convention. New York was kind of wasted on me because I had pneumonia. But I did manage to use the subway for the first time, have a chocolate martini at Max Brenner, cheesecake at Juniors & get served by a kilted waiter at St. Andrews. Maybe I didn't fail New York after all...

What did you do this summer? Anyone find a beach to lounge about, or some cabana boys?

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