Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time out Thursday - Postcards from NYC

Jennifer Hayward offers the Pink Heart Society a postcard recap of the RWA NYC Conference - where she refilled the well away from her writing desk!

Writing can be a solitary profession. We sit at our desks, lost in our stories, living our very unique writer existence with all its highs and lows (hair-pulling revision days, books that are giving us headaches -- but they aren't really lows because I'm writing!)

Sometimes it feels like other writers are the only ones who can understand what we do. Us. How a new cover can have us whooping around the house or a bad review can tear our hearts out. Or sometimes they are our beloved critique partners who help us work our story out of a knot. (Eg: search and rescue :))

I don't think I've ever come across a more close-knit community than writers where deep bonds are made online and off, often across countries and continents. That's why I love going to conferences. In the beginning for me, it was about the workshops and the networking. I learned so much from the workshops I attended at RWA, made so many connections which led to other learning opportunities, I can't say how valuable it was. Now it's more about the networking for me. I work when I go to conferences, yes, at various publisher events and the parties are awesome, but it's the friendships I've made or deepened that is the most special thing about conference for me. It's why I often spend a week of my personal time attending the Romance Writers of America annual conference.

With the lovely Carol Opalinski at the Harlequin signing
It refills the well for me. Reminds me what an amazing community I belong to. Gives me the chance to have heart to hearts with some of my closest writer friends, some who live on the other side of the world and confirms it’s not just me with my quirky writer habits. :) We support, encourage, teach and inspire each other. It refills my well for the stories that lay ahead—some of which I’ve brainstormed with my friends over a bottle of wine.

I thought I’d share a few highlights of my recent trip to RWA New York in July. I'd love to hear about your conference highlights/stories!

My digs with a friend on 42nd street were gorgeous! A high-ceilinged, 1920s Art Deco former Armory. I lived like a New Yorker for a week (research I say!) walking to the conference. And I saw one of the multiple story car parks I'd heard about where cars are stored on top of each other!

Started the week off arriving early to see some writing pals I did a course in Tuscany with. And the fabulous Chantelle Shaw.

Dinners out at amazing New York restaurants were sublime - such as Havanas in Times Square where the dancers kept me hypnotized! I found myself saying, "there isn't a bad meal in New York!"

So amazing to meet book reviewers I work with such as the fabulous Sara from Harlequin Junkie. Who had the coolest nail polish on the planet when we went to Tao, one of my favourite New York eateries to watch the beautiful people!

The Harlequin Presents lunch is always a highlight. Here is a photo of myself, Chantelle Shaw, Tara Pammi, Maya Blake, Rachael Thomas and Dani Collins ready to head inside.

Dinner and wine. Or was that wine and dinner? I think I was crying laughing at one point on the street after dinner in Jean-Georges amazing original Manhattan restaurant, JoJo, on the Upper East side as we checked out townhouses for our Presents heroines.

You wanted to see our Presents heroines' brownstone right? To die for.

Another highlight. My first signing for Harlequin! Here I am along with my signing mates Katy Lee and Shirlee McCoy.

What happens at the Harlequin party stays at the Harlequin party... The incredible Black and White ball at the Waldorf Astoria was dance marathon fun in a gobstoppingly-beautiful setting. Here's me with the witty and beautiful Bella Frances.
And of course a penthouse on Park Avenue for our hero. What a view of Central Park which is one of the most stunning parks ever built!

Bucket List - Carriage ride in Central Park with the funny, smart and lovely Tara Pammi.

If you could create your very own postcards of your favourite places, where would you choose?  Join the debate in the comments!

To find out more about Jennifer Hayward and her books, you can visit her website or find her on Facebook and Twitter. You can find a sneak peak of her October Harlequin Presents title, Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy here. It's the second of her Tenacious Tycoons duo.


  1. Great post, Jennifer! I was thrilled to finally meet you "in person". I think some of my very favorite places are the National Parks I have visited. I have postcard perfect pictures of the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce.

    Looking forward to Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy!!

    1. Ooh they sound gorgeous Carol! Grand Canyon is high on my list! Need to go back to Vegas to do it. It was so great to meet you in NYC! So glad you dropped by. It flew didn't it? Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Jennifer - I liked the article a lot. Especially the look into the every day life of an author. And the very special part these gatherings of writers provide for meeting old friends and making new ones. A unique group of people for sure. I thought gee wouldn’t it be nice to be part of something like that. Writers sharing, supporting, and having lots of fun! How can you beat that.

    1. thanks Shirley :) It is an amazing group - authors. So glad you enjoyed!

  3. Thanks for letting us experience the RWA experience through your awesome photos and post! What an adventure you had...and what a wonderful way to refill the well. I especially loved your comment regarding the romance writing community and the close ties found there. What a marvelous group we're privileged to belong to! I truly believe there isn't a more supportive, encouraging, accepting, and sharing bunch of people on the planet.