Monday, August 31, 2015

Male on Monday - My Heroes have Always Been Heathcliffs

We're delighted to have Lenora Worth with us at the Pink Heart Society today, as she talks about how all of her heroes have that little bit of Heathcliff in them...

I have to admit that I put a little bit of Heathcliff in all of my heroes. What woman doesn’t love a man with just a little bit of mystery and torment in his eyes?

I write sweet romance so I don’t get too out there on the edge, but even characters who are plopped down into sweetness have to have some sort of past. I try to give my heroes realistic problems with a bit of dramatic flair thrown in for good measure.

In my September release Lakeside Hero, the first of the Men of Millbrook Lake series for Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense, I found just such a hero in Alec Caldwell. 

He’s a former marine who was wounded in battle. He has a physical scar (this book is a bit Beauty and the Beast too) and he has scars of the heart. He is noble and kind but he is also battling with the aftermath of serving his country. He tries to hide his weaknesses but my heroine Marla sees right through his scars and finds his heart even though men like Alec scare her with their intensity.

That’s what I love about the Heathcliff type characters, that intensity that masks hurt and fear and doubt. It draws readers and captivates every woman’s heart. Of course, this type can also drive women to distraction and sometimes push them away.

Do you like Heathcliffs? Maybe a little bit? Remember, I said I have a bit of Heathcliff in most of my heroes. Just a tad to make them interesting. I wish Heathcliff could have had his happy ending so maybe that’s why my heroes always find women who can not only understand them, but also can heal them and love them and … stand up to them!

Do you like Heathcliff as a romantic hero? Do you think that intensity makes for a perfect hero?  Join the discussion with Lenora in the comments!

Lenora's latest Heathcliff-inspired hero can be found in Lakeside Hero, available now: 

A Soldier Returns

Former marine Alec Caldwell is happy to return home alive. The scars he carries—inside and out—are a burden he plans to face alone. All he wants is a quiet life devoted to helping wounded veterans. That is, until he meets pastry chef Marla Hamilton—who's just too sweet to resist. But the single mother is fighting her own battles. 

The last man in Marla's life hurt her and put her daughter in danger, leaving the child frightened of strangers. Alec seems like the thrill-seeking men Marla avoids. But can becoming a family give these wounded hearts a chance to heal?

For more information about Lenora Worth, check out her website, and say hello to her on Facebook, and Twitter.


  1. Thank you, Ali, and Pink Heart Society, for hosting me today :)

  2. Hi Lenora - I have to agree with you - my heroes always have something of the Heathcliff in them. I've been fascinated and addicted to reading and rereading Wuthering Heights ever since I first discovered it way back when - when I was 13. I don't know how many times I've reread it since - but I have to admit that each time I do I have different feelings about Heathcliff as romantic - or even a hero. But I did get the chance to write my own Heathcliff when Editorial asked me to contribute to a mini series bringing classics of romantic fiction up to date - and they asked me to rework Wuthering Heights - so I got to make Heathcliff a hero - and to give him a happy ending! I enjoyed that.

  3. Oh, Kate, what a wonderful thing! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to do that!