Monday, August 24, 2015

Male on Monday - The Men of Masterpiece

Pink Heart Society columnist Donna Alward is back for a Male on Monday post that is taken directly from one of her addictions: Masterpiece Theatre.

I'm a Masterpiece Theatre addict: in particular Masterpiece Classic. And IMO the shows just keep getting better and better. Those who used to scoff at watching public television now find their Sunday nights glued to series such as Downton Abbey and Poldark. And not much wonder - they're FABULOUS!

Many of my friends live in the UK, and get these programs first, so by the time they hit North America I'm so flipping ready to watch I've got things set up on the DVR way in advance. Even my kids (girls, naturally) look forward to the new shows and are of an age to appreciate eye candy. Here are some of our favourite heroes from series in the recent past:

AIDEN TURNER: Ross Poldark. Sexy, swoony, willing to get his hands dirty and loyal to his friends, often at risk to himself. Demelza is one lucky girl.

DAN STEVENS: it was a toss up between him as Matthew Crawley or as Edward Ferrars, but the vote is unanimous. Edward all the way. It only made good sense.

It wouldn't be a Masterpiece post without Downton Abbey. And there's a lot to choose from. But we came up with ALAN LEECH as Branson. Apologies to Barb Wallace, but Thomas just wasn't working for us on a MoM level.

GREGORY FITOUSSI: Henri LeClair from Mr. Selfridge. We were a bit torn on this one. I mean, Henri is a bit of sexy business. But we also LOVE Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge because charisma. But Henri gets the vote by a narrow margin.

RUPERT PENRY-JONES - The 39 Steps. We LOVED this one, and we also thought he made a great Captain Wentworth in Persuasion.

And there are many, many more.... not to mention the other series we've watched and drooled over like Call The Midwife, The Paradise, Cranford, North and South, and The Forsyte Saga.

I don't know about you, but I like to support Public Television. :)

Donna's next release is The Cowboy's Christmas Family, out in November from Harlequin American:

Madison Wallace is determined to make this Christmas extra special for her twin boys. Money is tight, but at least Maddy can do something about that…unlike the rumors of her late husband's infidelity. So the part-time job at Cole Hudson's ranch is a perfect solution, and kind, sexy Cole is darn near perfect, too. Unfortunately, Maddy can't trust her heart—or a man—ever again. 

Cole only intended to help Maddy out with the holidays. But the moment she and her boys arrive at his ranch, they capture his heart completely. Convincing Maddy to give him a chance won't be nearly as easy. He's got the Secret Santa presents covered, but the gift Cole really wants to give Maddy is his love. Will Maddy be brave enough to accept it?

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  1. Boo on no Rob James Collier - the man puts both Dan Stevens and Allen Leech to shame with his cheekbones alone. HOWEVER, the other selections are perfection. Especially Poldark! What a vision. Great post Donna