Monday, August 17, 2015

Male on Monday: Hottest Movie Kissers - The Top Five

Author Heidi Rice gives the Pink Heart Society her top five favourite movie kissers...

An important part of any actor's repertoire - just like any hero's repertoire really - is the ability to kiss convincingly, to transport the audience into believing that this is a kiss with feeling, with heat, with serious - and sometimes not so serious but always toe-curlingly exciting - intent... So here are the five hottest movie kissers IMHO, in no particular order, some recent, some not so recent, but all super hot....

Feel free to agree or disagree or come up with your own favourites (evidence will be required) in the comments.

Dermot as Nick 
in The Wedding Date

Watch all five minutes of this promo and you'll get the whole wonderful kaleidoscope of kisses Dermot Mulroney plants on Debra Messing as Kat in the wonderful rom-com The Wedding Date... The polite peck, the steamy almost kiss, the stunt kiss, the kiss with feeling... It's all there, this guy has a whole range of great kisses, people!

Dan as Hawkeye 
in The Last of the Mohicans

Daniel Day-Lewis goes the full passionate and possessive in this epic kiss with Madeleine Stowe's equally passionate Cora... When the stakes are high... He pushes them even higher. And he knows how to handle a few petticoats. Phwoar.

Jamie as Christian 
in 50 Shades of Grey

Mr Dornan eats the face off Dakota Johnson as the impressionable (and now very impressed) Ana for this fast and uber-furious kiss in a lift. He's going to be a tough act to beat...

Ryan as The Driver 
in Drive

Although he gets some seriously stiff competition from this guy who, let's face it, has previous when it comes to hot movie kisses (The Notebook? Crazy Stupid Love? The man's a pro)... But Ryan Gosling definitely gets my vote for the ultimate slow kiss in a lift with this smackaroo he plants on Carey Mulligan in front of an audience! What? Huh? Hey, it's kinky but kinda cool! And this being a very dark thriller, the guy isn't going to live to tell the tale. Just saying.

Leo as Gatsby 
in The Great Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio goes for context with this classic literary kiss that he gives Carey Mulligan (wot? Her again?) which will literally turn into a lifetime obsession. The result could have been totally OTT but Leo gives it agonising subtlety (with no help whatsoever from Baz Lurhmann!)...

Here endeth my round-up of the hottest movie kissers...

So who's your favourite?  And what movie kisses would you nominate?

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Once upon a time, poor little rich girl Zelda Madison wanted someone to love her, until she discovered being a badass was much more fun.  Ten years after getting kicked out of convent school and torn away from her three best friends, Zelda has worked hard to clean up her act, but her wild streak has never been completely tamed and — one midnight swim on Manhattan Beach later — she’s suddenly in urgent need of a knight in shining armor…

Hard-working legal aid attorney Tyrone Sullivan is the last guy she should call. Not only does he hold a grudge when it comes to Zelda leading his little sister astray all those years ago, he’s also supremely pissed about having to rescue a runaway supermodel from a Brooklyn police station at two am. But when Ty reluctantly agrees to bust Zel out of her ivory tower and let her hide out on his house barge for a few days, she shows him the wild side he didn’t know he had.

Zel discovers there’s nothing hotter than tarnishing a good guy’s armor… Until he starts to steal her bad girl’s battered heart…

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  1. Loved those kisses, Heidi but Dan will always have my heart! And now I'm off to download Tempting the Knight!

  2. Aw cheers Liz… And yes, Dan is pretty amazing in that move…