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#3Amigas - Nina Milne - My New Dog and How She has Affected my Writing World

Nina Milne of the #3Amigas is back at the Pink Heart Society as she talks about her adorable new dog...

In the three months since I last posted I have become a dog owner and this post is how this has impacted on my Writing World (It is truly not that I wanted an excuse to share photos of my beautiful dog)
So firstly the whole ‘let’s get a dog’ was a personal epiphany. I have never been a dog person - AT ALL – if anything I have always been a little scared/ wary so to have crossed the line to becoming a dog person is a fundamental change for me. It has also been a bit stressful and a steep learning curve….see where I am going with this?

Over the past year I have been transitioning from writing KISS books for Harlequin to writing Romance books for Harlequin. My first Romance book comes out in December and I am working on a second one and yes it has been a change and a bit stressful and a steep learning curve but ultimately very rewarding. 

So I hope over the next years to write many more Romances but I am also very aware that the publishing world is changing all the time and I need to be able to change as well. And now I feel more confident that I can do that. Who knows - one day I may even cross the line and venture into a different genre - historical, fantasy, murder, mystery and mayhem…… hey if I can have a dog I can do anything! 

Now of course there is always a down side and in my case it is the time hit. Now at least an hour and a half of my daily writing time is taken up by walking the dog… and yes this has had a detrimental effect on my word count

BUT it has also made me spend some time exercising - time outside walking in our local woods, taking in Nature….something I haven’t taken the time to do in ages, something I wouldn’t do if it were just for me. It’s made me actually talk to people – dog owners are a friendly lot. And I can use the time to let ideas percolate in my mind – work out what happens next to my hero and heroine. 

Plus it’s been good for the family – my husband and I take Dottie for a walk together most evenings, my kids and I have had a few heart to hearts as we’ve walked the leafy glades, plus the time they spend outside means they are not glued to a screen!

Most of all it has made me see that there is a world beyond my writing world and I think in my desire to be published I had lost sight of that.

And finally there is the ‘you don’t always know what you want’ element…..

I have never had a dog before and my sole experience of looking after a dog was looking after my best friend’s border terrier (pictured here) for two weeks. And thanks to her I realised the joys of having a dog.

So when we decided to get a dog I had a very specific tick list and one of the major requirements was size – I wanted a small dog.

And look what I ended up with –meet Dottie - all 33 kilos of her!! Is she small? Nope – she is huge but I took one look at her and fell in love!!

Just like my current heroine who is very very sure of the type of man she wants. Someone ordinary and average and kind and safe. Nothing like my playboy, billionaire, opportunistic, live life to the full hero. 

Hmmm…perhaps, like me, she will end up with exactly what she didn’t want and it will turn out to be exactly what she does want after all.

Does having a pet change your writing routine?  Join the discussion with Nina in the comments...

Nina's latest book, Breaking the Boss’s Rules, is out now:

Joe McIntyre’s three rules of dating:

1. Never Mix Business and Pleasure

2. One Night Only

3. Never Look Back

Imogen Lorrimer knows that her temporary boss is completely wrong for her – so why does he insist on appearing in her dreams… naked? Perhaps it’s time for Imo to try out his infamous dating rules herself… ?

One business trip to Paris later and they can kiss goodbye to Rule One. Then Imo agrees to be Joe’s plus-one at a wedding… Sticking to Rule Two and Rule Three is hard enough already – on the sun-drenched shores of the Algarve it’s going to be impossible!

Nina Milne lives in Sussex, England with her husband and three children. Prior to becoming an author, she worked as an accountant and a recruitment consultant. To find out more you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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