Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Little Something for the Weekend - Ryan Lochte

Today we're delighted to welcome Harlequin Desire author, Andrea Laurence, to the Pink Heart Society as she talks about how the sports that fill her weekends, helped inspire one of her heroes...

Thanks to the Pink Heart Society for having me here today to chat with all of you and tell you about my latest release - Seduced by the Spare Heir

My theme for today is "A Little Something for the Weekend." Like many authors, I have a day job, so my weekends are typically filled with writing, promotion, and all the other things I didn't get done during the week, like laundry and grocery shopping. 

When I do get a chance to relax, one of my favorite ways is to watch a movie or read a good book. 

There's also a lot of sport watching at my house. The guy's favorite is motocross, but he also loves the Olympics when they come on. He'll watch any competition, even for sports I've never even heard of. He's already looking forward to the summer games next year in Rio.

When I was asked to participate in the Montoros Series, I was given the naughty playboy brother Gabriel. Along with his information was a note that said "think Ryan Lochte." 

From our Olympic watching, I knew exactly who they were talking about. That didn't stop me from spending quite a long time googling pictures of the swimmer. (Hard work, I tell ya.) 

He's pretty inspirational, and it doesn't hurt that he's usually wet and in a speedo. :)

I'm not really into athletics, but I can certainly appreciate the athletes. 

My little something for the weekend are some pretty pictures of my writing inspiration. Now, while you're reading Seduced by the Spare Heir, you can just imagine Ryan in the role of Gabriel. You're welcome.

What athletes inspire you to think about romance? I can think of Tom Brady, David Beckham and Clay Matthews for a start!

Andrea's Ryan Lochte inspired novel, Seduced by the Spare Heir, is out now:

Going from black sheep to king, with the help of one very special woman…

Gabriel Montoro’s worst nightmares are realized when his older brother abdicates the throne of Alma, leaving fun-loving playboy Gabe next in line. Now he needs to shape up—fast. 

That’s where Serafia Espina fits in.

The exquisite ex-supermodel can school him in the social niceties. But as they get into the royal routine, Gabe begins to see this old family friend in a very different light. Soon the protocols are out the window, and Serafia is sharing his bed. But is this angel hiding something that could threaten what they’ve begun?

For more information about Andrea Laurence and her books, visit her website and blog, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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