Saturday, June 06, 2015

Weekend Wildcard - Wholescale Destruction

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome HelenKay Dimon as she talks about her incredible ability to destroy a working laptop...

I thought I’d share a little secret with you today: I drop, break and spill almost everything I touch. I wish I were kidding. It would be funny if it didn’t lead to the wholesale destruction of most of the things I own, but it does. 

Ask me how many laptops I’ve destroyed? 

The number is so high. It makes me sad to think about it.

See that photo of my office? Looks nice, right? I can sit in that big chair and look out the window to the backyard (because I need another way to procrastinate…). See the piece of furniture off to the left of my desk chair? That’s a big, comfy daybed. I do not recommend having one of these in your office. Ever. It sounded great but sitting on it results in sleeping. I like to pretend sleeping is really “researching” but you can only “research” so long before you actually need to start writing.

I generally work on a laptop, sometimes using the laptop screen and sometimes beaming my screen onto the big desktop monitor. Either way the laptop is the problem. Of all the things in my house I break, I break laptops the most. 

The main reason for my seemingly limitless ability to wreck laptops is right there in the photo. Can you guess? Yes, beverages. 

In this photo I was actually fairly reserved and only have two. Here, it’s tea and water. The travel mug for the tea should tell you all you need to know about my workplace-related accidents. I basically drink out of a grown-up sippy cup all day. Once I even tripped while carrying a pot full of hot tea and dumped the whole thing on a brand new laptop. You can imagine the awful words I said. The undercover heroes I write for Harlequin Intrigue would have winced at my language. They are the tough alpha rescuer types who rarely drop anything. Shoot and blow things up – yes. Dump tea on their shirts? Never.

I’ve tried to write in other places in the house. Attempts to write on the couch generally result in angering the cat. 

The photo shows his grouchy expression. I believe in this instance I had the nerve to move my foot somewhere in his vicinity. Since, in his view, my sole job is to pay the mortgage and all the bills so that his house runs smoothly, you can see why moving my foot made him grumpy. The least I can do is sit still…or that’s what I’d guess he’s thinking.

Despite the accidents and tripping and everything else, I do sometimes manage to actually write a book or two. I have no idea how. Let’s just say I know the Apple Care tech guy on a first-name basis. Right now the release is Cornered, the first in my Corcoran Team-Bulletproof Bachelors series. Every time a box of those covers arrives I’m thrilled and more than a little grateful I somehow managed to get it done.

So now when you hear me talking about computer problems you know the truth. I’m likely to blame. The term “operator error” might have been invented with me in mind. But it does make finishing a book very satisfying.

Are you accident-prone when it comes to laptops?  Tell us in the comments!!

HelenKay's latest book, Cornered, is out now:

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Now that the villains have her in their sights, Cam’s got to not only solve the case—but also protect the only woman who’s ever found the way into his heart.

To find out more about HelenKay Dimon and her books, check out her website, and visit her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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