Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Talk Time :: Not My 1st Rodeo

Once upon a time, at the RWA conference in San Antonio,  Jenna Bayley-Burke got Donna Alward to laugh. And then Sarah M. Anderson laughed too...

The best ideas can start from the silliest of situations. At the RWA conference last year I saw a commercial for a farm dating website. And decided the commercial would be far sexier with cowboys. And since Donna Alward was writing cowboys for her Harlequin American books, I told her to write me that book. But with hot cowboys and an imaginary schmexy dating site.

Health issues had stalled out my writing,  but not story ideas. Donna is a good friend, so encouraged me to write the story myself. And to make sure I did, she'd do it with me. Sarah got roped in too...claiming the widower before we even finished telling her the idea.

I claimed the virgin...and then we decided on the Not My1st Rodeo theme. Our site would cater to the hot cowboys I wanted, but to create the deep emotion Donna and Sarah are known for we targeted those daters looking for a second chance at romance. A virgin who’d been divorced or widowed? How was I going to manage that?

I knew what I wanted in the story – a sexy summer thunderstorm, rustic cabin, and rancher who looked great with his shirt off. As long as I got my wish list, virginity was a minor inconvenience. Which gave me an idea...
If everyone who reads the Not My 1st Rodeo stories has half as much fun as we had writing them, it will be a very happy summer!  

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  1. Just saw this: buy one Harlequin book, get second for free! Only today! What a great chance to try a debut author like 2x SYTYCW finalist Heidi Hormel or one of the lovely Pink Heart editors or bloggers.

    I wasn't sure if I was allowed to include the link here, but I did put the word out via Twitter: @VivWrites

    May all the TBR piles teeter even more! LOL

  2. Jenna, you ALWAYS make me laugh. And yes - everyone come out to the launch party!

  3. Jenna, you ALWAYS make me laugh. And yes - everyone come out to the launch party!

  4. Well, I'd buy it! :) Sounds like a trio of great reads to me!