Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Tuesday Talk-Time - Linking Stories

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome Camy Tang as she talks about the characters that gueststar from book to book.

So many of our favourite romance novels are part of series (or even mini-series) - so today we've a focus on linking stories, and a GIVEAWAY for three lucky US readers...

What I really enjoy about romance novels are the fact that each book is a single story about one couple, and their romance has a resolution by the end of the book, that Happily Ever After.

However, I also enjoy series where you follow a character through several books and several adventures.

For my Love Inspired Suspense novels, I wanted a bit of both, so I did what a lot of other writers do, I created a series connected by a specific place, Sonoma, California.

My first three books in the Sonoma series were about three sisters, so it made it easy to intertwine their stories. But for my next books, I didn’t have a family unit to be the glue to bind the books to each other.

So what I did was have family friends show up as minor characters in one book, and then have them be the main characters in the next book.

Nathan Fischer shows up briefly in Stalker in the Shadows, and then I made him the hero in the next book, Narrow Escape.

Liam O’Neill showed up in Narrow Escape, and his brother had been the hero of Stalker in the Shadows, so he had his own book in Treacherous Intent.

Liam also appeared in my self-published novella, Unshakeable Pursuit, and I made the heroine from Stalker in the Shadows appear as a minor character in the same novella. Readers who had read both about both those characters were especially excited to see them in Unshakeable Pursuit.

For my second self-published novella, I took two minor characters from Formula for Danger and made them the hero and heroine in Necessary Proof. What was especially fun is that I was able to create deeper internal changes in my heroine that had occurred since the time period that Formula for Danger was set, so that she had a richer character than she had as a minor character. This is a great tip for crafting more interesting characters—if some time has passed, utilize that to create changes in the character’s life that they’ve had to deal with.

And finally, the victim in Treacherous Intent, Joslyn, was the heroine in my latest book, Gone Missing.

So you can see that even if your books are not connected by a family or a group of friends, you can still create that connected feel by “planting” characters in one book with the intent of making them main characters in a future book.

Do you like seeing familiar characters pop up in other books?  And how would you link novels?  Camy is giving away 3 copies of Gone Missing for US readers so get commenting below!

Camy's latest book, Gone Missing, is available now:

Without a trace...

As a skip tracer in training, Joslyn Dimalanta knows she has the skills to track down her missing friend. As long as her friend's startlingly handsome brother, Clay Ashton, doesn't distract her. But then his sister's house detonates—almost killing Clay and Joslyn. 

Now they realize the harsh reality: they must either find the person after Clay's sister, or face deadly consequences. And the closer the get to exposing the source of the crimes, the more explosive surprises they discover. 

With every obstacle they overcome, Joslyn finds herself relying on Clay more and more. Still, the peril they face scares her less than the idea of trusting Clay with her wounded heart.

For more about Camy Tang and her writing, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. I love when I see familiar characters in books, I like to see how their stories are going, sometimes I hate reading books that are not part of a series because I don't get to see what happens to them in the future. When you read books in a series you get some information about how those characters lives are going like if they have babies or get married and things and I really like those moments especially if I really like characters from previous novels.

  2. I love seeing familiar characters show up in books. I love when there's a series about a family or a group of friends or centered around a small town. I love seeing the HEA's in progress of other characters and just inhabitating that particular fictional world a little longer. It makes letting each book go a tiny bit easier.

    I am working on a series set in a small town. One way I wanted to link the stories is through a conference that several of the women attend that proves to be life changing.

  3. yes, I'm currently enjoying catching up on Lacy Williams Legacy series for Love Inspired Historical. I prefer that each can stand alone though.

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