Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Talk Time – Celebrity Gossip

Pink Heart Society columnist Barb Han is talking about her favorite guilty pleasure...celebrity gossip!

Hello. My name is Barb and I’m addicted to celebrity gossip. 

There. I said it out loud and now I feel so much better. After all, isn’t admitting that I have a problem the first step in recovery?

All kidding aside, I can admit to loving celebrity news (who doesn’t?) but there’s a slightly different twist for me. 

I rarely read the articles. 

The pictures feed my daily fix. 

Looking at a batch of new pics from a site like EOnline is the perfect brain candy to break up a long writing day and a great way to keep me at the computer when I’m on deadline and need a short break. 

Star Tracks from People.com is heaven and especially during awards season when there are so many fantasy-inspiring gowns and tuxedos (and what rich story fodder they make). 

It doesn’t hurt that the people in those pictures are beautiful, wealthy and living lives of which most of us can only dream. 

Private jets. Best hotels. *le sigh*

I will get an up close and personal peek into that world this summer when my publisher, Harlequin, hosts its Black and White Ball for its authors at RWA Nationals in New York City. 

The location? The Waldorf Astoria! My mind is already spinning with possibilities. I’m thinking that I have to go old Hollywood with my gown. Maybe even attempt a Breakfast at Tiffany’s look?

But I digress. Back to the real celebrities. 

The chance to live vicariously through the collective lens of celebrity is a great study in people, and people (all kinds of people) fascinate me. I work a lot of hours and the rest are spent with my family, so I rarely get out to a coffee shop or pub to ‘people watch’ anymore. Perusing through celebrity pics online from the comfort of my office chair is a workable substitute. 

I could classify my addiction as research to make it sound more official since some of the men have served as inspiration for heroes in my books. Or come up with a scientific reason as to why taking a break makes the brain more productive. But I prefer to call it what it is…guilty pleasure.

And I need my daily dose. 

Your turn! Share one of your guilty pleasures. Or suggest a gown for me to wear at the Harlequin party this summer. Believe me, there are no celebrity stylists lining up to work with me and I need the help!

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  1. Just one?! LOL

    Chocolate (espec when writing)
    Ice cream (also with chocolate in it, but not when writing to protect computer)
    Watching sports (espec when people win against all odds, so inspiring)

  2. Ha! I'm only owning up to one now, VivWrites! Chocolate is pretty much a vegetable for me. :-) I do love a great sporting event. How about that American Pharoah? *love*

    1. American Pharoah is gorgeous!

      I've been to eventing a couple of times and it's great to watch espec at jumps with water.

      Love your 'chocolate is pretty much a vegetable for me' I saw a magazine cover lately with header: 5 excuses to eat chocolate and I was like 'you need an excuse to eat chocolate??' I mean, give me one excuse not to eat chocolate ...

    2. He really is a gorgeous horse! I would love to see jumps with water live. How cool!

      seriously, no excuse necessary when it comes to eating chocolate...or we could always go with the tried and true, "I woke up."