Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time Out Thursday ~ Movies That Make Life Better

Today Pink Heart Society editor Jeannie Watt is here to talk about movies that make life feel better during times of stress.

My daughter called me a few months ago to discuss a not-so-easy-to-solve problem that had cropped up in her life. We had a long discussion, we were both feeling a little down at the end of the conversation and then she said, "I guess I better break out the Pride and Prejudice." I told her I'd do the same and we both felt better.

My daughter and I have seen and/or own all the versions of Pride and Prejudice but our go-to version is the 1980 BBC Miniseries version. Many will argue that later versions are better, but this is the version that got me through many situations in which I might otherwise have consumed quarts of ice cream in one sitting. This is the version that my daughter played so many times during college that she wore out the DVD and I had to get her another for Christmas. This is the version that my son, her roommate, can recite from memory. We tell him that woman appreciate a guy who has a deep understanding of P&P.

I have other go-to movies. If my husband is in the house during the stress time, sometimes I choose Snatch because it means I won't have to watch alone. I love this movie. It's fast paced, hilarious, dark, hilarious. I live to watch Brad Pitt take the fall. Sometimes that's the only scene I watch. He gets smacked down hard and gets back up. Great lesson there.

Another go-to is The Big Easy. I love, love, love watching Remie and Annie snipe at one another. I truly appreciate  a tough, competent woman who has insecurities and vulnerabilities, just like I do. Another good lesson. Everyone had weaknesses that they deal with on a daily basis--even tough DAs tempted by bad boy cops.

Do you have a go-to movie when you just want to forget about real life and disappear?

Jeannie's next book, To Tempt a Cowgirl, will be released in July 2015 and is available for pre-order.

Making an offer on love 

Troublemaker-turned-architect Gabe Matthews has an agenda—and a serious relationship is nowhere on it. To repay his mentor, he trades the big city for the rugged country so he can persuade the sexy cowgirl next door, Danica Brody, to sell the Lightning Creek Ranch. 

Soon Gabe is pulling out all the stops to get close to Dani. But earning her trust complicates everything. He knows the last thing she needs is another run-in with deception, and the attraction he doesn't see coming changes his every plan.

Jeannie Watt writes fast paced, character driven stories set in the American West. To find out more about her and her books, visit her website or herFacebook page


  1. Hi Jeannie,

    Oh, P&P! My go-to version is the one with Colin Firth and I even met another fan on the train once, and we got to talking and sighing about the famous long look scene (all the other passengers must have thought we were crazy LOL)

    Another movie that I love to watch is the Sissy trilogy with Romy Schneider: glamorous dresses, beautiful scenery and big emotions (like the evil MIL who wants to take her daughter away from her or the hilarious scene in Venice when the nobles don't want to welcome the emperor and send their servants instead, who are then introduced at the big reception under the nobles' titles!).

    BTW, I love your cover. Very evocative!

    1. I loooove the long look scene! I will have to check out the Sissy trilogy. It sounds quite fascinating. Thanks for the tip!