Thursday, June 11, 2015

Time Out Thursday: Ideal Flowers for Flower Pots

Today Candace Shaw is sharing ideal flowers to grow in flower pots and containers with the Pink Heart Society readers. 

Growing flowers in a flower pot is perfect for people who live in apartments, townhouses or writers who are always on a deadline and don’t have time to take care of a mini botanical garden in their backyard. 

Flowers in containers can be placed along a walkway, on the patio or deck for a splash of color and tranquility for a garden luncheon with friends or for a relaxing romantic evening. 

Plant a mixture of different flowers such as impatiens and petunias together for an elegant touch. Select flowers that will grow well in your region. Your local garden nursery should have a list of flowers for your area as well as the flowers available during their growing season. Below are a few of my favorites.


Impatiens, also known as Touch-me-nots, are ideal container plants. 

Place in a shaded area on a sun porch to show off their light green leaves and blooms ranging from purple, red, and salmon pink. 

 Place the impatiens in a small flower pot to grow 18 to 20 inches tall or larger flower pot if you desire plants growing from 6 to 8 feet tall. 

Impatiens should be planted in a potting medium containing two parts fibrous loam, one part peat moss and coarse sand, according to 

Feed with liquid soluble fertilizer slow-released fertilizer once at the beginning of spring and again at beginning of summer. Water impatiens two times a day when temperatures are over 85 degrees.

There are three types of petunias that can be grown in flower pots. 

Grandifloras have large flowers with single or double blooms. They are ideal for hanging baskets or window boxes because they have a tendency to cascade but can grow up to 12 to 15 inches tall as well in a flower pot. 

Milliflora petunias are small, growing only an inch or two and can be planted in a large container as a border for another plant. 

Groundcover petunias are not only used as groundcovers in a garden bed, but can be planted in a hanging basket and window cascading elegantly 2 to 3 feet. 

Feed with a time-released fertilizer in the spring. Deadhead spent flowers to promote more blooms during the growing season. Place petunias on a sun porch to smell their sweet fragrance.

Chrysanthemums, also called mums for short, are fall flowers blooming in bright colors such as yellow, pink and, orange. 

Their growing season begins in later summer and ends in October or November depending upon your climate. 

Place mums in full sun in your container garden on a patio or deck to show off their showy fluffy blooms. Mix organic matter such as peat moss into the potting medium before placing in the container. 

Fertilize with a time-released fertilizer at the end of summer. (You can mix and match colors like I did a few autumns ago in the picture to the left).

Do you have a gardening tip to share with the busy reader or author? Please tell us in the comments below.

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Candace Shaw is the author of fun, flirty, and sexy romance novels. She writes for Harlequin Kimani Romance and self-publishes as well. Gardening is a favorite past time for Candace and she’s written gardening articles for under another pen name. She loves to hear from readers and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Instagram. Check out her other books on her website at

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