Monday, June 15, 2015

Male on Monday - Who's In Your Five?

In today's Male on Monday column, Harlequin author & PHS regular, Barbara Wallace, talks about "Get Out of Jail Free" lists and names who is on her list (this week).  

I have to thank the guys on WEEI's midday show, MIDDAYS WITH MFB, for today's topic.  The Boston sports radio show decided to talk about couples' "Get Out of Jail Free" lists.

For those who don't know, Get Out of Jail Free lists are those five people you find hot with whom your spouse gives you permission to cheat.  You know, those celebrities he or she know you will never, ever have a shot with.

Listening to the guys on WEEI got me to thinking.  Who is on my list these days?  My top five has always been rather fluid, changing as my tastes (and age) change.   My list, as it looks today, is fairly eclectic.  (And, with one exception, fairly age appropriate.  I give myself props for not being too creepy.)

1. Rob James-Collier.  Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I have a thing for Downton's Thomas Barrow.  He's so deliciously broken; I want to give him a four hour hug.  His portrayer gets on the list largely because he's so deliciously handsome.  Okay, so he's not some hot and chiseled sex symbol.  Those facial feature are perfection.  Plus he's funny and seems like a genuinely nice guy.  (He's raised over $15,000 this year for an MS treatment centre.)

2. David Fumero.  This is where I get a bit eclectic.  David Fumero was on my list years ago when he played Christian Vega on One Life to Live.  He fell off the list after I stopped watching daytime dramas.  Then, the other week I turned on one of my summer guilty pleasures, POWER, and there he was.  Twenty years older and just as good-looking in his 40s.  This is him a few years ago.  I used him as the inspiration for Nico Amatucci in the upcoming VINEYARDS OF CALANETTI continuity.

3. Scott Foley.  Loved him in the UNIT.   Like him in SCANDAL.  He  inspired the hero in THE COURAGE TO SAY YES.   What else can I say beyond the fact he's genetically blessed.  PS: They tell me there's a puppy in this photo if you look hard enough.

4. Tim Tebow.  Yes, that Tim Tebow.  Yes, I know his religion makes him controversial.  Yes, I know he's not a very good quarterback.  But look at him!  He's a solid block of muscle.  Correction, he's a 6'3" block of muscle.  As a 5'9" woman, I've always wanted to have a man make me feel petite.  Tim would fit that bill.

5. Matt Bomer.  'Nuff said.  Plus he looks like an incredibly down-to-earth dad.  You've got to love that.

I'm not going to share my husband's Get Out of Jail Free list.  Largely because it contains people like "the meteorologist on Channel 4", "the girl from the appliance store ad", and Ariel the Little Mermaid.

Who's on your Get Out of Jail Free list?  'Fess up in the comments below.

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  1. Haha. My husband and I don't have an official list, but we have a pretty good understanding of each other's taste.

    My newest crush is Andy Samberg, which is kind of embarrassing. He's not conventionally good-looking (although I like the way he looks), but I like his smile and his voice. In real life, he seems like he's smart, self-deprecating, and funny. He's also a vocal supporter of women's issues. Even fantasy me needs someone who I feel like I could have a conversation with and makes me laugh. Of course, in real life, he's also very happily married which ruins the fantasy a little bit but makes him more adorable also ;l-)

    My ultimate crush has always been Cary Grant, so my husband is doubly safe. ;-)

    If I had to guess, I would say the top of my husband's list would be a young Helen Mirren, but truthfully, I'm not sure he'd turn down today's Helen Mirren. I have to say, I think he has pretty good taste! :-)

    1. I've got to admit, Andy Samburg does have a cuteness about him. I agree - they would need to be able to hold a conversation. I am grateful that the men on my list appear to be either intelligent or good company. I'm pretty sure Rob James-Collier would have me laughing all night. (A sure way to my heart.)

  2. I loved your list, Barbara. And I love Matt Bomer, too. Just wish he played for our side.

    My list would include Richard Armitage (not age appropriate but since this is fantasy...) and Karl Urban, also not really age appropriate, But there are a couple who are actually older than me on the list. Mark Harmon and Kevin Whately. Gotta say they and Tom Selleck aged very well.

    Not sure who is on my hubby's list these days but I do remember him having a thing for Belinda J. Montgomery ages ago. Although right now he says he'd settle for someone who was willing to mow the lawn and go on a cruise with him. Two things I refuse to do. LOL!

  3. I saw a picture of Tom Selleck the other day - he's 70 and looking mighty fine! Talk about good genes. Mark Harmon too. I applaud your list.

    LOL about your husband. Mine will settle for someone who likes sailing. (Maybe that's where Ariel comes in)