Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Fun - Searching for the Perfect Hero

Jennifer Rae is back at the Pink Heart Society, talking about how to find perfect inspiration...

Planning a new book is fun. Like super fun. I spend a ridiculously outlandish amount of time thinking about my charecters and a disturbing amount of time in the shower acting out psedo arguments between the hero and heroine. I mean. Doesn’t everyone? That’s not weird…is it?…OK. It’s a little weird, but it’s what I do. It’s called art people, look it up. 

But my most favourite thing to do at the initial planning stages of a new book? Thinking up what the hero and heroine look like. Ok. The hero. Alright. I like staring at hot men on Instagram. You got me. Happy now? 

This time I’m rolling like this. The hero is Italian. (Delicious) And he’s new to the city – lot’s of chances for the sorry-I-got-lost-and-need-some-help action. The heroine is totally seeing him as a piece of meat. Possibly a juicy piece of Italian beef and although he’s a little indignant at first, he soon swings into lothario mode. 

So this is where I’m at. Sexy, tall Italian with a bod for sin and a smile that makes your clothes fall off but with eyes that say – Respect me, please. (yeah, maybe later mio caro)

Cue long hours of Instagram scrolling…I mean research. And I came up with a list. A beautiful, gorgeous list. Do you want to know what I found? Of course you do. Now remember…these men demand respect…so save your wolf whistling till the end please.


Simone Bredariol is an Italian male model with over 2500 followers. He’s from Treviso and declares that Italians do it better. 

Here’s what makes Simone Bredariol a major contendor for the role of Italian Lothario Who Demands Respect:

1. Simone is an animal lover. There’s a dog in one of his photos. Sold.

2. Simone has a sense of humour. He and his friends have blacked out their teeth with what appears to be vegemite. But of course must be whatever the Italian equivilant of vegemite is because well, he’s Italian. We do like a man who can laugh at himself.

3. He has great hair. #important

4. He’s romantic. Awww. (Damn, he has a girlfriend – wait – did I say that out loud??)

5. He’s hot as hell


Christian Santos is a professional football player. I’m actually not certain if Christian is Italian. I think he might be Spanish or Argentinian, but look – it’s close enough. Christian is hotter than a pizza oven in summer but there’s more to this hottie than looks, which is why he makes the list. 

1. His smile melts underwear. I’m pretty sure. At least it did mine. And I didn’t even know cotton could melt. 

2. He’s sporty and shit. Sporty. Altheltic. Fit. You know where I’m going with this. 

3. He looks good in a backwards cap. Not many men can pull this off, but he’s totally nailing it. 

4. He’s good with children. Clearly. He’s smiling. The child looks happy. Can I have your babies? 

5. He’s hot as hell.


Confusingly, this man’s name is Bernardo Velasco, not Velasco Bernardo. Clearly he’s a man of mystery, I like him already. His profile says he’s ‘Ator’ which means…well, I’m not sure because frankly I’m too lazy to look it up and far too distracted to even try. Needless to say, he’s on the list;

1. He has the V. The V. Automatic admittance onto the list. The V people. 

2. He rocks the man bun like a boss. Like that tiny tuft of hair on the back of today’s hipsters heads or not – you have to admit Bernardo makes it look hot. 

3. His bedroom eyes are the total bomb. I mean, there’s come to bed eyes, then there’s Bernardo’s peepers which clearly state ‘Prepare to be ravished bella.’ Whimper. 

4. That freakin smile. Killer. Seriously. I’m dead right now. 

5. He’s hot as hell. 

So there’s just a few of my Italian inspirations. There were many (many) more and to be honest, I’m still making my way through them all. It’s a hard job – but as they say…better me than anyone else!

Now it’s your turn. Who’s your choice for my Italian Lothario? Do you (like me) have a thing for Italian men? What nationality is your hero of choice? Who do you think would make the perfect romance hero?

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