Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Little Something for the Weekend - Filling the Inspiration Well

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome Abby Green as she talks about weekends of inspiration...

I think weekends are possibly the most valuable time for doing some extra curricular and *fun* research. We won’t call it work ;).

What sets your imagination on fire? Going for a long hike? Sitting at a café (ideally in Paris!) and people watching? Re-reading favourite old books? Browsing Antique shops?

All of those things work for me. I also find movies a treasure trove – it can just be a small part of a scene - a look, the way a character is dressed…

The Ocean’s Eleven movie – the one with the amazing Lake Como villa and French actor Vincent Cassel playing the suave European playboy? That alone has sparked about ten different plots for me, so I definitely got my money’s worth.

You could go to the park and bring a load of magazines and papers – the business section is particularly good for dreaming up new interesting jobs for heroes and heroines, or plot points. I’d recommend The Financial Times – they do a great weekend section and magazine. 

Check out their ‘Lunch with…’ section, it’s usually with someone very interesting, not just from the business/economic world.

Magazines like Vogue put together fashion shoots that resemble little narratives – check out famous stylist Grace Coddington’s fantastically imagined shoots in American Vogue.

Paris Vogue is probably one of the most decadent magazines to indulge in – especially if you’re not fluent in French, but so worth it, even just once a year.

I find fashion advertising brilliant too. Like this ad featuring Nacho Figueras, the famous polo player, and his wife – it worked its way into a novel (One Night With the Enemy). 

I used to cut pictures out of magazines and papers and keep them in scrapbooks, but then I discovered the online Mecca of virtual scrapbooking – Pinterest. I blame Caitlin Crews, my fellow Presents author, for helping birth this obsession. 

I use Pinterest for all sorts of general inspiration and character inspiration. (And clothes, and food, and traveling, and house stuff…!)

I do a board for each book, adding to it as I go. When I look back at the board I did for my current release: The Bride That Fonseca Needs, I can see pictures of things that sparked original ideas for the story but which got put aside during the each board is also a record of the journey the story took in my mind, from creation to manifestation.

For instance, I pinned a picture of the actress I based my heroine on, in a catsuit. I had an idea for a scene where she’s dressed in this leather outfit, looking very sexy and minxy. In the end it didn’t happen…but maybe I’ll use it in another book.

Pinners I love to follow for their proficient and creative pinning (featuring a lot of very HOT men) are Caitlin Crews, Heidi Rice, Jackie Ashenden, Lee Hyat and Brenda Ramirez, to name a few.

So, this weekend, I would urge you – in the name of research – to go see a moody French movie, or maybe buy one glossy and totally luxurious magazine, or curl up with your tablet and get lost in Pinterest.

And now I have to take my own advice because I’m currently stumped for an idea for my next book!

Have a great inspirational weekend!

How do you fill your weekends with inspiration?  Join the comments below!

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  1. Hey, Abby, great article! I love looking at glossy magazines for inspiration and it's fun to dress my characters in stuff I would never wear or afford.

    Love to gaze at your Pinterest boards.

    I pulled my copy of Ocean's Eleven off the shelf. Maybe I will indulge in that this weekend. I love movies as inspiration too. I love In Bruges and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang for snappy, witty dialogue. Colin Farrell and Robert Downey, Jr. aren't bad either.

    I have The Bride Fenseca Needs on my TBR. Will I see you in NYC?

  2. Hi Carol, any excuse to watch Oceans Eleven again ;)! And yes, I'll be in NYC! Looking forward to seeing you if you're going x Abby