Sunday, May 17, 2015

Writer's Workspace - Louisa George

Louisa George is back at the Pink Heart Society, talking about her workspace... 
I’m pretty lucky, I reckon, because I have a dedicated place to write – although I do have to share my ‘office’ with the rest of the household’s business affairs/folders/schoolwork/filing (which is rarely filed and mainly a very large teetering pile of paper- but I know where everything is, right?). I have carved my own space out and try to surround myself with things to inspire me and motivate me (sadly, procrastination is an everyday visitor…).

So I have displayed a couple of gifts from my publisher and some important inspirational but sweary words from Nora Roberts (not to me personally, obviously, and I won’t share here in case they offend- but basically the gist is: there are no excuses- just write.)…plus there’s a writing award I won last year (KORU Award in NZ) on the shelf.
And there’s Chris Pine, just because…
He’s at my eye level and we gaze into each other’s eyes regularly. Usually because I’m searching for inspiration, or trying to remember my credit card number (I’m an online shopper repeat offender. You see the tape measure next to the keyboard? Yes, well, every women’s clothes shop has a different idea of what a size 12 is…but that’s another blog post all on its own.). 
Chris is telling me, in his own sweet way, to get my a** into gear and do some work: ‘Sweetie, stop tweeting, facebooking and looking at Pinterest…you should be WRITING!!!’ Poor bloke has to say this to me a lot…
I do try to keep myself in check and have a 1500 daily word count, which is doable but hard to achieve on some days. I have done a lot of research on writers block and procrastination (!)- and have discovered a great way to help focus the mind and increase the output. 
This is from a book by Rachel Aaron (2k to 10K, Writing Faster and Writing Better, Google it up, better still get a copy if procrastination is a regular visitor to you too) so I have this to help me sharpen my resolve. 
She describes a triangle of writing metrics that we must implement and observe when we sit down to write: Knowledge (know what you’re writing before you do it, this way you don’t stare at a blank page for hours), Time (track your productivity) and Enthusiasm (Be excited about what you’re writing). I’ve tried it, and it really does help…if I can keep away from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and the Next online shop in the first place.
I write new fresh words in my office, but I like to edit elsewhere.,. not sure why, but for some reason that’s my process. If it’s a sunny New Zealand day I sit outside and often get help from my critique partner, Tana…who is wondering where I am in this picture…
Or I will sit and look at something pretty – this is my back yard (I don’t go in the pool- but it is nice to look at and hope it stimulates the mind.
Where is your favourite place to hang out?  Or…do you have any ideas on how to stop procrastination before it takes a hold?

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When the only thing worth fighting for is love …

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  1. I make a to do list every day

    alysap AT yahoo DOT com

  2. My favorite place to hang out is at home, I don't like to go out much, I would rather stay home and read. I have yet to master procrastination yet, it is something I still suffer from so I have no tips on how to avoid it.

  3. I love the idea of your favorite guy gazing lovingly into your eyes and telling you "You should be writing!" I am so stealing it--the idea, not your man. lol While Chris Pine is adorable, so is Jared Leto! :D

    I have 2K to 10K on my Kindle, and I'm feeling the need for a reread. :)

    Great post! TFS!