Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Writer's Wednesday - Writer's Block Tips

Today Candace Shaw offers her tips on how to overcome writer's block on the Pink Heart Society.
First off, thinking of ideas for this blog post wasn't hard because my writer's block just recently ended after a week of procrastination and starting all over on the book I'm currently writing.

Writer’s block unfortunately will occur and it usually happens when we don’t need it to like on a deadline. Even with a well-thought out synopsis and a notebook full of notes, an author can still hit a dead end. Here are a few methods I use to end writer’s block.
Work on Another Book
I know some authors, including me, prefer to work on one book at a time. However, there’s always another notebook of notes or an approved proposal by your editor that is waiting for you to type chapter one. 

If you’re stuck on one book, place it aside and work on your next project instead of twiddling your thumbs while staring at a blank screen. This way words are getting on the page and for me it begins to give me ideas and motivation to go back to my other project.
Change of Scenery
Being in the world of your characters can be daunting. You spend a lot of time with them for they are always in your head. 

Sometimes stepping away from the computer when you have writer’s block and maybe even the house will help stimulate your mind. 

For me, I may go work in my garden, take the dog for a walk or go window shopping. These activities help me to feel refreshed, clear my mind, and I’m usually able to write again with new ideas.
I try not to edit so much during my first draft because I can spend hours rewriting one chapter when I should’ve been writing the next. 

However, when I find myself in writer’s block mode, editing what I’ve already written helps me to think about where I am in the book and what direction I want to go in next. 

The words begin to flow, and I’m able to continue with the rest of the book.
What are some of your tips to get out of writer’s block mode? Please share with us in the comment section.
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