Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend Wildcard - Texan Inspiration

The Pink Heart Society are delighted to welcome back Amanda Renee as she talks about the Texan inspiration and has a #GIVEAWAY...

This month I’m celebrating the release of my 5th book in the Welcome to Ramblewood series for Harlequin American Romance, Back to Texas!

Back to Texas is packed with vintage charm, western settings and Hill Country Texas hospitality. While it may appear pretty on the surface, it’s a book revolving around secrets and lies. Things aren’t always as they appear…and neither are the people we know and love. Bridgett Jameson, the heroine in Back to Texas, wears her heart on her sleeve and likes to keep things light and fun while Adam Steele, the mysterious newcomer in town has a lifetime of secrets he can’t reveal…at least not yet.

Today I’m following Bridgett’s lead and sharing some fun trivia about Back to Texas!

The premise for this book originated from a Twitter conversation with fellow Harlequin author Sarah M. Anderson about 80’s rocker Nuno Bettencourt (full disclosure…drooling was involved). The following day, Adam Steele—the hero in Back to Texas—came to life.

The cover model looks extremely similar to actor Josh Henderson from the revamped Dallas television series. No complaints here!

My adoration of vintage Airstream trailers sparked the love scene in Back to Texas. I practically begged for an Airstream to appear on the cover and the Harlequin Art Department came through for me.

-  A Texan for Hire (March 2015) contains the prequel to Bridgett’s story. While it’s not necessary to read one book before the other, it’s that much better if you do (hint, hint).

I felt compelled to write Back to Texas. Originally the Welcome to Ramblewood series was meant to revolve around the four Langtry brothers which are featured in Betting on Texas (March 2013), Home to the Cowboy (August 2013), Blame it on the Rodeo (February 2014) and the upcoming Mistletoe Rodeo (October 2015). But ever since Bridgett made an appearance in my 1st book and each one thereafter, I knew she had her own story to tell. 

Only one problem…I couldn’t find her perfect match. When Adam Steele was created, I realized he was the best man for the job. And even though A Texan for Hire appears first in the series, the idea for it sprang from the Back to Texas synopsis. Since the voices in my head continue to talk, there are more Welcome to Ramblewood books on the horizon!

Before you go, I’m giving away 1 eBook copy of BACK TO TEXAS

(winner’s choice: Kindle or NOOK Book)

Want to win? Comment on this question:

When is it ever okay to keep a secret from someone?

I’ll choose one winner on May 19, 2015 from the comments below.

Amanda’s latest book, Back to Texas, is available now from all online and brick & mortar book retailers:

To tell the truth...

Bridgett Jameson is the talk of Ramblewood…and not in a good way! With her newfound sister moving to town, her true father being exposed, and the knowledge that her mother has lied to her since birth, Bridgett wants to get the heck out of Dodge. But when a handsome, mysterious stranger arrives, she finds her determination wavering.

His family wants nothing to do with him, and Adam Steele can't say he blames them. He's denied their existence for years in his pursuit of fame and glory. Now he just wants to be a regular guy. Ramblewood may be the best place for a fresh start…especially if Bridgett sticks around. But will exposing his past—and the lies he's told—cost him a future with the woman he loves?

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  1. One of my favorite series ever!! And Adam's inspiration is Muy caliente!! I don't know that its ever OK to keep a secret from someone. Especially someone you love. But that being said I think we all have done just that.

  2. Looking forward to this new series! The trouble with secrets is that they usually come out eventually so you have to ask yourself if keeping a secret in the short term is better than the blowback once the secret is revealed.

    1. are the winner! I tried emailing you through your blogger account but the mail bounced back to me. If you could pop on over to my website ( go to the contact tab and email me directly that way, it will keep your email private.

  3. I don't think it is ever okay to keep a secret, they seem to come out at the worst time. Love you books Amanda, can't wait to read more of them.

  4. Great answers everyone! And the winner is…Carol!

    Carol, I responded directly to your comment, please be sure to check it.