Saturday, May 23, 2015

The #3Amigas - Nina Milne - Good News and the Need to Reread

Nina Milne of the #3Amigas is back today, at the Pink Heart Society, as she talks about reading and exciting new news.

Last time we ‘spoke’ I was waiting….

So…drumroll please…..

I got GOOD NEWS! My third book for Harlequin and my first for the Romance line will come out in December and is entitled ‘Christmas Kisses with the Boss’ So I know good weather has finally sporadically arrived here in the UK but I am thinking of snow!

I am over the moon – for the first time since the news of the demise of KISS/ Modern Tempted I have drawn a cautious breath and feel like a REAL Harlequin Author. 

But once the celebrations were over it dawned on me that being a REAL Harlequin author means I have to write another book. GULP.

So the first thing I need to do is…..decide what I am going to read whilst I battle with the whole 0-50k process. 

I cannot read any new-to-me books whilst I am writing. Because I have procrastination/ will-power problems! I definitely can’t read any contemporary romance whilst writing because it gives me confidence issues – everyone else just seems so much better than me. 

So whilst I write I re-read.

I re-read and re-read Georgette Heyer (and I know many of you understand and share my Heyer love) 

The amazing diversity of both hero and heroine means I can read them one after another in any order and lose myself for a little while in a different world peopled with characters who feel like real live people to me. 

This is maybe why my other go-to-re-read author is Terry Pratchett (an amazing writer whose death was a loss to so many). He too created, in his case, a fictional world that I totally lose myself in. His books make me laugh and yet have an underlying message within them and somehow again I can re-read and re-read them. 

But if I am going to write lots and lots of books for Romance then I need some more go-to-re-read authors. … so I would love some recommendations

Does anyone have a series or an author that they reread again and again? Or just a series or author that they love? If so PLEASE let me know...

Nina's latest book, Breaking the Boss’s Rules, is out now:

Joe McIntyre’s three rules of dating:

1. Never Mix Business and Pleasure

2. One Night Only

3. Never Look Back

Imogen Lorrimer knows that her temporary boss is completely wrong for her – so why does he insist on appearing in her dreams… naked? Perhaps it’s time for Imo to try out his infamous dating rules herself… ?

One business trip to Paris later and they can kiss goodbye to Rule One. Then Imo agrees to be Joe’s plus-one at a wedding… Sticking to Rule Two and Rule Three is hard enough already – on the sun-drenched shores of the Algarve it’s going to be impossible!
Nina Milne lives in Sussex, England with her husband and three children. Prior to becoming an author, she worked as an accountant and a recruitment consultant. To find out more you can follow her on Facebook andTwitter.

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