Monday, May 25, 2015

Manganiello on Monday

Please excuse Jenna Bayley-Burke as she swoons and fans herself. She has a terrible man crush on none other than Big Dick Richie himself, Joe Manganiello.

Magic Mike XXL is everywhere. Well, at least everywhere I go... or maybe I'm just focused on it because we already have a Mom's Night Out planned to celebrate. Or maybe I'm just back from the Romantic Times Convention and rebounding from all that time with so many women.

What I do know, is that Joe Manganiello is a sexy male speciman, and hilarious in TV interviews. Hot and funny? Sign me up. Add in the dangle of Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike...and I'm in man crush heaven.

It just so happened that I was writing Caribbean Christmas when Magic Mike came out and my infatuation began. I had the characters set in my head, but Ryan Reynolds - I mean Johannes Prinsen - did have a brother. So of course I had to use him. And since I have such an infatuation, I wound up giving Harmannus Prinsen his own book - Caribbean Casanova. See how that works?

My husband has a subscription to Men's Health, and they ran an article on Joe Manganiello's workout habits. I read it for the pictures. The body on this guy is amazeballs. Like, just, let me give you a massage or something.

There is an entire blog dedicated to his awesomeness, Fyeahjoemanganiello. Yes, there are plenty of mancandy shots, but they also follow his volunteer work, special appearances, and general clowing around.

In all seriousness - flirty interviews with Chelsea Handler aside - he's a classically trained actore from Carnegie Mellon University with a deep filmography. Yes, I'm stuck on his turn as a male stripper, but most people are more impressed by his work on True Blood (werewolf), How I Met Your Mother (lawyer) & One Tree Hill (slamball player).

Luckily for all us Pink Hearters, it's Male On Monday. Which and day dreaming.

Jenna's latest release is Just One Spark - a title UK readers might remember from when the story was released by Modern Extra. Now, Just One Spark is available wherever ebooks are sold.

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