Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday Fun: We Got Annie!

This week columnist Donna Alward is blowing through briefly while managing an increasingly hectic schedule as, well, Stage Mom.

When I was in high school, I loved what we called "production". It was a yearly musical we put on, and the first 2 years I played in the Pit Orchestra and the year I graduated I was on Stage Crew which was SOOOO fun. So this year, with both my kids in high school, of course I supported involvement!

This year's musical is Annie, and my eldest is one of the principal actors. Her rehearsals have been going on since February. Now that we're 3 weeks away from opening night, things are really heating up. Longer rehearsals for one. Loooong.

My other child is working on some of the backstage behind-the-scenes stuff, and has been involved from the beginning with helping out with random things, like "Propapalooza" which was a day long "prop drive" and she spent the afternoon lugging and cataloging props.

And me? Well, I'm the wheels. And the "we need xxx" thing now and again. I'm going to be helping out with makeup, and I'm coordinator of "catering" which means when rehearsals go into the evening, I cajole/coerce/blackmail parents into contributing to a meal for the cast. The cast has grown to over 40, with crew on top of that, so yeah. That's a lot of food (don't forget, these are teenagers!)

My youngest is also playing a handful of band gigs over the next 6 weeks, so needless to say, I'm keeping busy.

And I complain about it. And I'm tired.

But I wouldn't change it. I'm really starting to realize that the school days thing is drawing to a close. Next year my schedule will include a calendar of university application and scholarship dates, grad activities, etc. In another few years public school will be a thing of the past, and I'll look back and be glad I did this stuff. I know it, so I remind myself of it whenever I'm tempted to say "why did I agree to do this again?"

In a few weeks all the hard work will pay off in the performances, and I can't wait to see the show.

In the meantime, I have two books releasing this month! Here are the deets! Now back to my previously scheduled craziness...

 Summer on Lovers’ Island
What happens when a seasonal fling turns into the love of a lifetime?
Lizzie Howard’s life has always been adrenaline-charged. Top of her class at Harvard Med and now a gifted trauma doctor, Lizzie’s medical career has always come before rest, relaxation, and especially romance. But when one careless mistake brings her future to a screeching halt, Lizzie’s only chance at reviving it is to temporarily take over a friend’s practice in Jewell Cove. The sleepy Maine coast, a world away from the bustling emergency room Lizzie knows and loves, leaves her feeling more lost than ever—until she meets widowed doctor Joshua Collins, and her heart starts beating a little bit faster…
Coming home to Jewell Cove was Josh’s salvation after his wife died. Looking for peace among the familiar faces of friends and family, he’s grateful to work in the town’s small medical clinic by day and spend his nights trying to forget everything he’s lost. Lizzie’s big-city sensibilities are a brash reminder of the world he’s pushed away, but he can’t deny that together they’ve sparked a flame that crackles higher and brighter every day. Maybe love is the best medicine after all …


Barnes and Noble
Once, rodeo star Rylan Duggan had called Crooked Valley Ranch home. But after an incredible, romantic night with neighboring rancher—beautiful, strong, smart Kailey Brandt—he’d bolted. He didn’t look back, telling himself he preferred life on the circuit with no commitments and no ties.Until now.
With Rylan back for a few short weeks, Kailey can’t deny their attraction is as strong as ever. She thought she’d learned her lesson the first time he’d hurt her—and the handsome cowboy is still adamant he will not be sticking around. While helping him build Crooked Valley’s business, Kailey sees a different, more grounded side of him. Has Rylan finally found his home…in Kailey’s heart?


  1. I can imagine how busy your life is right now, Donna ;) We did ANNIE last year and I played Miss Hannigan. It was a fun show! But a lot of time, energy and hard work. Congrats on the new releases!! Catch your breath when you get a chance. ;)

  2. NICE! The girl playing Hannigan graduates this year, and so does the girl playing Annie (and Daddy Warbucks). But Lily and Rooster are both a year away from grad. :)

  3. College applications? You don't look old enough to have kids these ages.

    Enjoy the production! How fun for your kids to be involved in something so rewarding.