Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Wildcard - Fashion: Yay or Nay?

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome back Jules Bennett as she talks about fashion, and has a GIVEAWAY for two very lucky readers...
You know what is fun? Looking through old pictures of your parents, grandparents, etc and seeing the fashion trends. Some were classy, stylish and timeless while others were ugly, unfortunate and should never be seen again.

You know what’s not fun? When you look through old pictures and the fashion nightmare is you! LOL! I’m *cough* 37 *cough* and I’ve gone through a few fashion trends I’d rather just leave dead and buried.

First, let me start with my haircut when I was five. I was a tomboy. My mother couldn’t pay me to wear a dress or even comb my hair. You know what cut I ended up with? You guessed it, THE BOWL. *cringe* Did anyone ever sport this unisex cut? My kindergarten pictures are so laughable, but they do make for a good time. 
Moving on. Let’s discuss the shoulder pads of the 80’s. This was the stage of my life where I thought my mother was the most beautiful woman on the planet and everything she did, I wanted to do…including the shoulder pads. I was in middle school sporting silk blouses – BLOUSES – with shoulder pads. Can I just tell you how hard that was to admit? Oh, there are pictures, but those I’ve hidden away.

Frizzy perms? We’ve all had a bad perm which we tried to correct with Aussie scrunch hairspray, a scrunchie or a pick where we teased the hell out of our hair. Oh, the perm days. Those were a good time, weren’t they? 
And while we’re on that topic, the scrunchie. They didn’t just go in your hair, they were also bracelets! I mean, you couldn’t leave the house without one, or two, on your wrist. What if you got out in public and your wayward curls from that fresh perm started blowing everywhere? Just whip that scrunchie off your wrist and ba-bam. You’re all set J

Grunge phase? Anyone want to raise their hands for that? No? I will. I went through that homeless, I don’t care what I look like stage. I’m happy to report it didn’t last long.

The stacked bob cut? I rocked that style for YEARS! Not only did I rock it, I went to beauty school to learn how to perfect that art. Now that style is back and I’m over here holding my shears trying not to go back to it! Oh, but when it’s cut right it just lays so perfect *sigh* But, I think my years as “bob” are gone.
There are so many styles and trends that come and go…then come back again. What trend did you try that you cringe when you think about? Is there a style you wish would never return again? This could be such a fun conversation. I can’t wait to hear your answers!

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  1. I miss scrunchies. They were much more efficient for keeping a messy not or bun back than the small hair bands. I think they caused less damage to your hair, too. I also LIVED for the 90s fashion. I think I wore a t-shirt with a flannel over the top and hair in my face for the entirety of high school. I looked more like a roadie than an honor student.

    1. I rocked the flannel, too! They were a staple of my wardrobe:)

  2. I had a really bad perm. Ugh, some of my past hairstyles are extremely cringe-worthy!!