Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Talk-Time - Book Struggles

Pink Heart Society regular, Desere Steenberg, is talking about the struggles of a romance reader...

Being a reader is not always fun and games. It’s a tearful journey of heartache, living through pain along with the characters, wanting to personally shoot the heroes and wishing you could sometimes change the ending of a book, even if you loved the ending there is just that little something you wish you could add.  I love every minute of it!

But there is something far more emotionally challenging than the above. Most readers refer to it as book nerd problems, but I like to call it my daily book struggle. Because it really is a struggle, every single day! A long list of them and for some there is a very simple solution, as suggested by other readers or the occasional light bulb moment, but sadly it doesn't always work out quite the way I want it to.
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Let’s take a look at some of the irritating, frustrating, get-out-of –my-face issues that I face and I’m sure no doubt others have faced as well.

First there is the constant choice of having to decide which book to read next. You look at the covers, the titles, read the back blurb, or even just the author’s name and it should be an easy choice which one you want to read first, ha, ha, ha!

Girl, Sad, Crying, Raining, Rain Drops, Window, PeopleThat has never worked for me, on more than one occasion I have sat staring at 4 to 5 books and wanting to read them all at once, if only I had a way to clone myself!  It’s like I want to be all the heroines at once, I want to know everything, experience their heartache, passion and journey of love of course if I could do this I am sure people would think I was suffering from multiple personalities, because let’s face it every reader turns into the book’s character on some level whilst reading the book. My solution to this is a TBR jar, filled with little notes with all the titles of my current TBR list, I close my eyes, pick one and voila! NO! I still think about all the other’s so you see it’s definitely not the perfect solution.

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Next issue, being interrupted whilst reading. I turn into the most crazed, freak of the reading world anyone has ever come across.  I have been told I get the “I am going to have to hurt you, can’t you see I am reading” look. Of course this is not what I want to do, but darn it I am falling in love with my next book boyfriend don’t interrupt me!  I literary within seconds go from sweet as sugar to being on a mission of destruction, pretty much bringing out the cat-claws.
Then there is the entire the movie was better than the book debate. Really, the movie let you in on what the characters were thinking, feeling and the internal demons they faced? Huh? Not a possibility, it never happens. Not for me anyway. I have never been able to see what the movie goers do, it’s just never the same and it infuriates me, I am constantly having to remind myself “ Everyone has their own opinion” , but why don’t you agree with mine?!

Anger, Angry, Bad, Burn, Dangerous, Emotion, Evil, FaceThe list goes on from people telling me I read too much and me going from polite to shouting out “ Silence or I kill you!”, to having to deal with the death of one of my favorite characters. I go into this deep, dark depression mode where I wish I could find a way to kill of the author instead. I bet I am starting to scare the heck out of you, in my defense I am nuts about reading and anyone that reads will get me, but yes I agree I do sound pretty darn mean, so I won’t tell you what happens if you borrow one of my books and bring it back damaged. Nope let’s not go there!

But all of the above aside there is one daily book struggle that drives me completely insane…… when someone says they don’t read. Excuses vary from It’s a waste of time (yeah so is looking at a fashion magazine), why escape into a world that will simply never come to life (hello that’s what re-reading is for) and the worst one I've ever heard “It’s all make believe so why get all emotional about it, put the book down and rather just never read again”. Yeah right like that will ever happen! 

Tell us in the comments what book struggles you face. Do you get all dark and depressed?  Do you develop a sudden personality change no one ever knew about?  Or do you simply not have any at all?

To find out more about Desere, you can read her romance reviews on Romance Book Haven, and follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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