Friday, April 03, 2015

Friday Fun - Heroes and Heartbreakers

Maisey Yates is talking to the Pink Heart Society about the different types of heroes that capture our imaginations in her romances...

I like all kinds of heroes. Take a look at my backlist, And my upcoming books for examples of that. Tycoons, princes, lawyers, cowboys, fishermen and bikers, oh my!

In April this year, I have two seemingly very different books out, with two, seemingly very different heroes.

In His Diamond of Convenience, my hero is Dmitri Markin, is a cage fighter, turned professional MMA fighter, turned tycoon billionaire (as you do). He is a man in search of a better reputation to help aid his charity efforts, and to accomplish that, he needs my heroine.

 In stark contrast, the hero of Part Time Cowboy, Eli Garrett, is a cowboy and Deputy Sheriff with his roots deep in the state of Oregon. He has lived in the town of Copper Ridge all of his life and is a model of stability. Rather than helping him support this image, his heroine comes complete with a checkered past that could damage his bid for County Sheriff.

In many ways, these heroes seem opposite to each other. I mean, Russian billionaire and a small-town cowboy have to be completely different, right?

But when I think about my heroes, no matter where they come from, no matter what they do, I think there is a certain level of commonality between them.

For starters, they definitely live by their own rules. Now, Dmitri would own that without hesitation, but Eli would tell you he follows the book. But, I dont really think thats the case. When push comes to shove, Elis the kind of man who would follow his heart. Though, he would say hed listen to his gut. Because hes a dude and that sounds less sensitive.

Ultimately, thats the truth for all of my heroes. Some of them seem like rule breakers, and they might behave in ways that would never fly in the real world (kidnap, anyone?) while some of them seem more straight laced. But ultimately, theyre all acting according to a very strict personal code of conduct that while it might not match ours is morality as they know it.

A hero can get away with a lot as long as he firmly believes what hes doing is right. Of course, a man who believes that strongly that his own convictions are right can be a little bit hard to deal with, and a lot stubborn, and both Eli and Dmitri are certainly that. They need a woman to change them, and Sadie and Victoria are more than up to the challenge of conquering the cowboy and taming the MMA fighter.

I hope you enjoy variety as much as I do, and that you grab my cowboy and my Russian while you can (and check out that tattoo! As far as we can tell thats a Presents first!)

Do you prefer your heroes straight-laced, or more prone to breaking rules?

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