Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Fun - Combining Obsessions

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome Love Inspired Historical author Allie Pleiter as she talks about how her hobbies sneak into her writing...

I like to have fun in my writing.  I figure if Im having fun, you the reader will have fun, too.  Plus, lifes just too short not to have fun, dont you think?

This explains why knitting shows up in so many of my books.  Its not just that readers knit and knitters readthats a happy symbiosis.  

And Ihave a knitting blog that lets me go on and on about my love for yarn and needles, so its not as if my muse is lacking expression.  I run our churchs prayer shawl ministry, so I knit for charity as well as for myself.  Ive got plenty of outlets for my knitting obsession.

Knitting ends up in many of my books because when I pour my passionslike knittinginto books, they become better books.  I write about things that interest me, excite me, and call me on adventures.  I like to think that interest, excitement, and adventure overflows off the page and into your reading experience.

I feel the same way about French macarons, but I havent put too many of them in books yet.  Guess I have a little work to do.  Anyone for a French pastry chef hero?

Of course, an historical romance isnt about knitting, its about history and romance.  

The Doctors Undoing is about much more than just orphans who get gifts of hand knit socks.  Knitting and painting are just two of the ways Ida Lee Landway infuses her world with color.  And its a world that needs her infusionDoctor Daniel Parker is all about efficiency and duty.  Hes left his joy behind somewhere, and Ida is just the woman to help him find it again. When Daniel and Ida discover love, it overflows their hearts and into the lives of all those children in their care.

What about you?  What are your passions?  Have you found ways to integrate them into new areas of your lives?

Allie's latest knitting-infused book is The Doctor's Undoing, available on Amazon now:

When Dr. Daniel Parker requested an army nurse to help with his orphanage, he expected an organized, sensible matron. Instead he gets young, beautiful, obstinate Ida Lee Landway, whose vibrant outlook and unrelenting optimism turn his work and his life inside out.

Army life was easy compared to the discipline at her new workplace. Yet Ida is immediately smitten by the children in her care…and impressed by Daniel's unfaltering dedication. Adding color and warmth to her new surroundings is one thing. Can she also help the good doctor embrace joy—and in so doing, find the family they both deserve?

To find out more about Allie Pleiter, check out her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Scrapbooking isn't necessarily a passion, but I do enjoy doing it once I settle down with it. It seems to have spun into special birthday/anniversary/etc. cards, though. Since I have all the stickers and embellishments, it makes sense to use them on handmade cards, envelopes, and presents (all matching) - usually with one of my homemade poems integrated into it too. One thing just keeps leading into another....

  2. I have friends who are marvelous scrapbookers, but I've never caught on to the craft. I do love to look at the inventive and colorful pages, though.