Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Talk Time Tuesday - Celebrity Boyfriends

Pink Heart Society regular Barbara Wallace has a secret....

I have a celebrity boyfriend.

I have several actually.  Of course, they don’t know they’re my celebrity boyfriends but they are.  I know that sounds a little (a lot) crazy, but who among you hasn’t had a celebrity boyfriend at one point or another? 

Let’s face it, all writers do, although some may use a different term -  muse, hero inspiration, future-hero inspiration, research.  

We decorate Pinterest boards with their photos.  We talk about them on Twitter. (Some of us may – or may not – have created anonymous Tumblr accounts so we can gush about them.)  

I liken these things to the high tech equivalent of posters on our bedroom wall. 

My first celebrity boyfriend was David Cassidy.  He and I had a long blissful affair until I turned nine and broke up with him for Donny Osmond.  Donny was eventually dumped for David’s brother Shaun, Peter Brady, the guys from Starsky & Hutch… the list would continue until I grew older and discover that having real boyfriends was a lot more fun.  

Source: OUT magazine
One would think then, given my current “mature” age, that I’d be firmly rooted in reality. Ha ha ha!  Nope. Now I get to obsess over celebrities for work, and it’s awesome! My husband has long since stopped noticing that there are photos of handsome actors on my computer.  (My husband’s pretty cute too so he’s pretty secure there.) 

You know what though?  The photos aren’t simply me being a teenage fangirl. As hard as it is to believe, they truly are the resources that help me craft believable characters. After all, it is so much easier to create a hero if I have a model for his voice and mannerisms.  So in the end, maybe my celebrity boyfriends are better off called inspiration (or research). 

Nah, I’m still going with celebrity boyfriends.

Who is your current celebrity boyfriend? Join the conversation in the comments! 

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  1. Oh gosh, yes! My first crush was John Taylor from Duran Duran, then I crushed on Shakin Stevens, then I found Harrison Ford. Nowadays I'm firmly over Benedict Cumberbatch and have a total fan-girly crush on Tom Hiddleston.

  2. We must be around the same age (I'll be 51 in July) because this is very close to my Tiger Beat timeline. Though I passed on the Brady Bunch clan and I was a Starsky fan, Hutch irritated me (don't give up on us baby indeed) Also, Lee Majors as the Six Million Dollar Man was a must watch in my house.

    I remember walking out of Star Wars (first movie) with my sister and girlfriends with my sister and I firmly on the Han Solo side of the argument while others were arguing in favor of Luke. Sorry. WRONG. ;^)

    This was a fun post down memory lane! Thanks.

  3. Ah, TigerBeat! I remember walking to the store to get my latest issue. And Lee Majors - how could I forget Sunday nights with him!

    Louisa - you are a tad younger than me - Duran Duran was college for me.

  4. It started with Donny Osmond back in the day, but it's all about Henry Cavill now. He is now the gold standard by which I judge all men. On top of his OMG good looks, he's a really nice guy, to boot. Sigh...