Saturday, April 04, 2015

A Little Something for the Weekend - The Perfect Escape

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome award-winning inspirational suspense author Elizabeth Goddard, as she talks about the perfect escape...

Maybe the perfect escape for you is to travel to a tropical island in the Pacific and lounge in a chair on a white-sanded beach, waves softly lapping nearby. Or maybe it’s a picnic with your man, like in this clip from the movie, The Ugly Truth

It's only included in this post because of the song, Pocketful of Sunshine. Yeah, that’s right, get that song in your head and dream along with the chorus, “Take me away. . .” while you read my post.

I do the same when I’m writing my books. The story always comes alive, means more and goes deeper with the right music resounding in my ears. Mood music. 

Tropical islands are great but as someone who has spent decades enduring the blazing Texas sun, my idea of the perfect escape includes mountains. Lots and lots of mountains. Oh yeah, and covered in snow. I love to ski and snowmobile. I’ve even been snowmobiling through Yellowstone National Park—an eighty mile trip—during the winter. Give me adventure and throw in mountains and snow and I’m happy.

Figuring out where to go for a great escape is a no brainer. You know what you like. Sometimes that escape means you’re not going anywhere at all except where the pages of a good book will take you.

So what kind of novel will you choose?

You might laugh at this but it took me a long time to figure out who I wanted to be as a writer. What I mean is that it took me a lot of writing before I realized what kind of stories I want to write. I spent time trying to write deep and thought-provoking historical romance novels, or life-changing stories that made me cry. Who wants to cry all the time? Life is full of heartache enough. Then I tried fantasy, romance, dark, serious suspense. 

But what I finally realized is that I just had to be myself. I enjoy adventure and romance and suspense. For me that’s the best escape. After all, one of my favorite movies is Romancing the Stone. I love those kinds of movies and books. I love reading a good romantic suspense in which the characters are caught in the middle and have to go on an adventure to stay alive and ultimately fall in love.

But still, it wasn’t until readers started telling me that when they’re down or depressed, all they have to do is pick up one of my stories and it will take them away from their troubles, at least for a while. (If you’re old enough, you might remember those old Calgon commercials with the jingle, “Take me away. . .” ) 

What a compliment, and those words let me know that I’m writing exactly what I was meant to write. 

Stories of intriguing getaways to exotic locations AKA the perfect escape. And for me the perfect escape right now means southeast Alaska with its mountains, glaciers, an ice field, a rainforest and archipelago of islands, fjords and waters falls. Southeast Alaska has it all. I’ve spent this last year writing four books set there in a series about mountain search and rescue volunteers.

Buried is the first book in the Mountain Cove series and starts with an avalanche—you don’t want to miss it. Untraceable released in March, and for all my talk of wanting to keep things light, fun and adventurous, I was going through a tough time while writing it, and a lot of that came out in my main character’s internal struggles. 

Two more books in the series release this year, and I’m busy writing that fifth book about a bush pilot—come on, you’ve gotta have a bush pilot if you’re going to write about Alaska—hoping my editor will bite.

Are you a fan of the desolate mountain path or the sunny beach?  Where's your perfect escape?  Join the discussion in the comments!! 

Elizabeth's latest book, Untraceable, is available now:

On a daring mission, search-and-rescue specialist Heidi Warren and her team step onto an icy Alaskan mountaintop...and right into a trap. A stranded gang of thieves holds them at gunpoint, forcing them to serve as guides along the treacherous path.

Menaced on all sides by dangerous weather, deadly terrain and murderous criminals, Heidi desperately needs someone to trust. But her rescue partner, Isaiah Callahan, is keeping secrets from her. Secrets that ended their chance at a relationship before it could even begin. Yet her survival depends on finding a way to trust Isaiah when a blizzard starts closing in and her options start running out. 

Mountain Cove: In the Alaskan wilderness, love and danger collide.

Elizabeth Goddard graduated with a B.S. degree in computer science and worked in high-level software sales for several years before retiring to home school her children and fulfill her dream of becoming an author. To find out more, visit her website, or follow her n Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Goodreads.


  1. I definitely like escaping into my own house with a book. I spent so many years travelling that now I am very, very happy to curl up in the couch - or better still, in bed - with a book or a fabulous movie. And I am with you on Romancing The Stone. It has it all.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Avril! I might have to watch that movie again soon! LOL