Sunday, March 29, 2015

Writer's Workspace - Deb Kastner

Deb Kastner is here at the Pink Heart Society to talk about her (lack of) work space, in the hope that it might encourage others who might not have ideal situations to think outside the box and pursue their dreams.

I almost had an office. 


For about five seconds.  

Seeing as I have three young adult children, I rather expected my nest would be empty and my chicks would have flown away by now. I anticipated a life-change with a bittersweet mixture of emotions. I’d have more freedom, more room to move and less noise. More time to devote to my writing or just kicking back and watching a movie without interruption. But I knew I’d miss being needed, and loved on, and I’d miss, well—the noise.  

One by one, my daughters perched on the edge and dove off into the unknown—swirled around in the sky, hit turbulence and then promptly returned to the nest. With two grandchildren in tow. And one spouse. And three dogs (when I already have two of my own.) I’m proud of each of my girls for their strength in dealing with extraordinarily tough life issues and I love everybody dearly, really I do, but my grand plans for turning one of my offspring’s bedrooms into an office? Yeah—not so much. 

With a bazillion people and a total of five dogs in a modest three-bedroom home, finding room to write among the chaos has been a challenge. I suppose I could use that as an excuse not to write, but I make do with what I have. My favorite place to write is a comfy, beat-up old recliner where I can stare out the front window. Not a great view, but if I open the curtain there’s sunshine. 

And dogs.

Lots of dogs.

The hallway leading into my bedroom serves as my plotting board:

When I get really desperate or am on a tight deadline, I lock myself in my room.  

With headphones. And The Texas Tenors.  

Well, yes, I mean, they’re eye candy, obviously, but I listen to them, too. Ear candy. And just what I need to drown out the bedlam.  

No fancy office. No scenic mountain cabin. No seaside manor. I rely on my imagination to take me to far off places. That and the occasional vacation. But that’s a post for another day.

Do you have a special workspace to get you in the mood for writing, or are you like Deb and just need a nook or cranny where you can hide from the bedlam?  Join the discussion in the comments!

Deb's latest book, The Cowboy's Forever Family, is available now:

Widowed and pregnant, Laney Beckett wants nothing to do with stubborn rodeo cowboy Slade McKenna. But avoiding her late husband's best friend is nearly impossible now that Slade thinks Laney and her baby need his protection. 

Though Slade figures he's too rough a man to settle down, his thrill-seeking ways have already cost him his childhood pal. Looking out for the man's wife and child is the least he can do, especially when headstrong Laney doesn't know the first thing about running the family's ranch. 

For the sake of baby Beckett, Laney and Slade give friendship a chance…but could they become a true family?

For more information about Deb Kastner, check out her website, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. It's always interesting to see where others create their stories. I have an actual office (a converted spare bedroom left over from the days when I ran my own home business) but much of my writing is done on my laptop in the family room. Admittedly, family have all flown, so the place is usually quiet, but even when everyone arrives for a visit, I still prefer waiting out the day until the last person has gone to bed...and then I write during the night, in the family room. :)

  2. Love it! It's always fun to see how you get creative when you have to!