Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Talk-Time - Spring Break!

Jenna Bayley-Burke is here at the Pink Heart Society to talk about how to make Spring Break a bit more enjoyable...

It's the time of year where kids escape their classrooms, college students head for warm weather, and parents try to rearrange their schedule to make the most out of family time. The weather has been extreme this year - I have friends on one coast who spent their Spring Break snowed in, and out West our lakes aren't even full. Spring Break is always a roll of the weather dice.

Whether you're dreaming about all the skiing you missed this winter, or dreaming of rain to wash away the snow so you don't have to shovel the driveway yet again - there's a book for that. The snowed in setting, the lure of the beach read, and the pure escapism of places you'd love to travel to. If you're packed into a Disneyworld hotel room or saving money with a staycation, I bet you need a brain break.

While I keep my circus entertained with movies and museums, arcades and bowling alleys, I'm packing my own private beach. Anything with sand on the cover, beach in the title, or a Presents with Greek anything. It's raining on my Spring Break, so I'm bringing sunshine everywhere I can.

I set my Under the Caribbean Sun series on Anguilla because I needed to go there. And if you can't physically travel, going there in stories is the next best thing. White sand beaches, the setting sun painting the sky and ocean, and that laid back ease of an island in paradise. Take me there.

Summertime cowboy books have a similar effect. The sweltering heat, shirtless cowboys and skinny dipping. Open fields, a sky sparkling with stars, and a slow southern drawl. Take me there.

When life gets truly hectic, I turn to the medicine that has never let me down - contemporary crack. Give me a Greek billionaire and a luxurious villa on his private island. The Italian tycoon and the private beach steps away from his mansion. The Spaniard and his...you get the picture. You've been there.

Tell me...what's the best escapist read you've found lately? There are lots of places I want to go...

Jenna Bayley-Burke's latest release is a reissue of her first book, Just One Spark. European readers loved it back in the day, but North American readers couldn't get theirs eyes on the sexy rom-com until now.

For more info on Jenna and her books you can visit her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Hi, Jenna :-)! Is that a new picture (of you)? It's super!

    Loved your comment about setting your series on Anguilla "because I needed to go there." I often set stories in a fictional version of where I live now because it's easy--no research needed. (And I'm lucky, story-wise, to live in a scenic place full of quirky characters.) I'll have to try your story travel technique soon. Paris is calling...