Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Talk-Time - Romance – Why is it Relevant?

We're delighted to welcome Cynthia Eden to the Pink Heart Society as she talks about the relevance of romance today, complete with #GIVEAWAY...

I think I was twelve years old the first time I picked up a romance novel to read. I was in K-Mart, and the Harlequin Romance novel caught my eye as I was walking down the book aisle. I had no idea what to expect inside of that book—I bought the paperback because, quite simply, I love books, and back then I thought…here’s something new.

I went home and devoured the book. I instantly became addicted to romance books. Why? Because I loved the emotional intensity that I found in those pages. I loved the character development. I adored the twists and turns. And, most of all, I enjoyed the happily ever after ending.

Sure, there are plenty of people who will say that happy endings in romance novels aren’t realistic. Um, okay. You know what else isn’t realistic? All of the werewolf heroes that I’ve written about in my paranormal books. If I wanted realism, I’d be reading non-fiction novels. Real life is gritty enough—thanks so much—I prefer a bit of escapism.

I prefer my romance novels.

I believe romance novels are incredibly relevant today. The modern woman faces a million stresses in any given day—work, family, car pool, health issues (the list is endless). Isn’t it nice to have at least one area that is a safe zone? One place where you know…okay, this isn’t going to leave me wrecked. I can have a moment of happiness. I can feel contentment. Closure. I can have my romance. When our society overloads us, can’t we all use a bit of escapism?

And you know what else…let’s go back to the talk of “realism.” Because, yes, certainly, I write about paranormal creatures—but I also write novels about FBI agents, soldiers, fire fighters—and these men and women behave in realistic ways. They show the good that can be found in a loving, committed relationship. Do they make the emotion of love seem too strong? Too unattainable? I don’t think so…I think they make that emotion seem like a wonderful ideal for us. It’s great to be reminded that in dark moments, hope can exist…love can triumph.

Something else about romance novels that I just have to say…they aren’t all fluff and no substance. Quite the contrary. I actually feel like I learn something substantial from every single romance novel that I read. And I’m not just talking about emotional depth—I’m talking about real-life knowledge that can come in very handy. I thoroughly research my stories, and I know that other authors research theirs, too. So when I write about fire fighters and the fire triangle—this is material that I’ve studied. I can share this information with my readers and they can pick up tidbits that can be valuable to them. (For example, I often include self-defense techniques in my stories—I hope readers may remember a few of these techniques later on…)

Romance is relevant. To me. To you. And I hope that it always will be. So read your romances, enjoy the heck out of them…

And maybe you can teach others to love them, too.

So tell me…just why do you think romance is relevant? I’ll pick one random commenter to win a copy of my latest romantic suspense, BROKEN.

Cynthia's latest book, Broken, is available now:

Ex-SEAL and LOST founder Gabe Spencer is accustomed to the unusual in his job. But when knockout Eve Gray steps into his office, he’s rattled. For the mysterious woman is a dead ringer for the heiress thought to be the latest prey of the serial killer who goes by the name Lady Killer.

When Eve awoke in an Atlanta hospital, her past was a blank slate. Then she recognized her own face in the newspaper and vowed to learn the truth. Determined to confront the nightmares hidden in her mind, she never expects to find a partner in Gabe.

As Gabe and Eve work together, their explosive attraction becomes irresistible. Gabe knows that his desire for Eve is growing too strong, bordering on a dangerous obsession, but nothing pulls him away from her. And when another Eve lookalike disappears, Gabe vows to protect Eve at all costs. While Eve may have forgotten the killer in her past, it’s clear he hasn’t forgotten her.

For more about Cynthia Eden and her books, check out her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. I am all for a bit of escapism, and I agree with you all the way on how much you can learn. I learn something from every book I pick up. I haven't been a big paranormal reader up until now, but lately I've started to be intrigued by them, and I feel excited that it's an almost new area for me to explore.

  2. Romance novels give me hope and escapism.

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  3. Hi, Avril! I feel like I'm always picking up interesting tidbits of knowledge with different books that I read. I love that! ;)

  4. JCP, I think those are the two best things any books can ever give us!