Thursday, March 05, 2015

Time Out Thursday - Me, The Roadtrip And I...

It's the turn of guest author Nikki Logan to take to the road as she tells the Pink Heart Society all about her love for road trips...

Thank you for having me along to the Pink Heart  Society, ladies, and especially for having me on Time-out Thursday, because it gives me a fabulous excuse to talk about one of my favourite time-out activities—the road trip.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had much downtime (between volunteer activities, work-related travel, work and writing) but when I steal back some time I like to throw my fur-family in the car and head down south to a little town called Augusta which sits where the Southern and Indian Ocean meet.

Gorgeous sunsets, wild ocean, fantastic wines
Augusta sits on the most south-west point of my home state, Western Australia—next stop Antarctica, they like to say—and it comes at the end of a long string of gorgeous but over-populated tourist towns as you drive down from the capital, Perth. But Augusta has somehow managed to survive the over-development that comes with gorgeous weekend escape destinations which is why we like to go there for our time-out.

It’s all about the smells when we’re on the road
The fresh, cold bluster coming off the ocean. Wet dogs galumphing around in the river mouth.  Whales you can see breaching from the shoreline. Sunsets that burn your retinas…


It’s perfectly situated for all things coastal (boating, diving, swimming, fishing), is ten minutes from cave-country, fifteen from tall-tree country, a half hour from the wine district. Ugh… there’s just so much to do, which is a shame because—as a rule—when I’m having time-out I like to do pretty much nothing.

As long as we’re together, the fur-kids settle anywhere
Just me, my man, my dogs, a Sauvignon Blanc, fresh caught fish-and-chips from the local and something good to read.

I’ve never understood people who throw their dogs in kennels to take a holiday; for us, the pack stays together. We’d bring the cat if we could (and if he’d tolerate the long drive). Our dogs are used to being harnessed up and settling into the back of the Landcruiser for the four-hour drive south and they love the freedom (and together time) that holidays bring. We always pick pet-friendly destinations and as long as long as we’re all together they pretty much relax anywhere.

I featured Augusta as a setting for my latest release which finds a woman in the middle of the ultimate cross-country road trip—visiting every town in Australia while hunting for her missing brother.  In Her Knight in the Outback, Marshall and Eve manage to come together and connect in Augusta—just like those two oceans.

Writing this has me thinking about our next trip. It’s the end of a long, hot southern summer right now and I’m hanging out to head down as autumn begins (to the internet…!). Thanks so much for the chance to relive a little bit of my favourite time-out activity.

Do you love a good road trip?  Have you been on - or read about - any particularly exciting road trips?

Nikki Logan's latest book, Her Knight in the Outback, has a road trip to remember:

She didn’t know she needed rescuing…

Eve Read doesn’t need help from anyone. She’s searching for her missing brother and doesn’t want any distractions. Yet sharing her burden with mysterious leather-clad biker Marshall Sullivan is a relief, and soon Eve can’t resist the sparks igniting between them!

Meteorologist Marshall spends his life on the road, but there’s something about Eve that makes him want to stay put…

Has Eve finally found what she’s been searching for all along?
Find out more about Nikki and her books on her website; and follow her on Facebook and Twitter for regular, nature-filled, updates!


  1. I love road trips, and yours sounds extraordinary!

  2. Not quite sure what happened to my reply last week (was travelling and on my phone) but thank you, Liz! I love a road trip book, too, if it's vividly described.